Will Javascript Take Over the World? | Brian Kernighan and Lex Fridman

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Brian Kernighan is a professor of computer science at Princeton University. He co-authored the C Programming Language with Dennis Ritchie (creator of C) and has written a lot of books on programming, computers, and life including the Practice of Programming, the Go Programming Language, his latest UNIX: A History and a Memoir. He co-created AWK, the text processing language used by Linux folks like myself. He co-designed AMPL, an algebraic modeling language for large-scale optimization.

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38 thoughts on “Will Javascript Take Over the World? | Brian Kernighan and Lex Fridman

  1. This was so helpful to hear!! I recently have started my first language with JavaScript and I’ve been thinking it seems a little rediculous how everyone just says to bulk download stuff for a website and that npm needs all this stuff but no one actually will dare to touch on what any of it does and I mean I’m sure there’s some people who know a lot or a little of it but it sorta makes sense you just gotta take what you get. I’ve also wondered about security concerns and I guess this sorta explained that too in a very easy and concise way 😛 it seems like a vast ocean where new people are trying to wade around until they can learn to scuba dive into the past but honestly that just feels so backwards. And I know you can learn the history of stuff and go from there but i mean all I know is that this field can’t be the fun it was for the original generations who were developing things completely new. It only makes sense that the barrier to entry was lower and hence more creative types were in the field rather than analytical people. Haha I might get flamed for that but my guess is most people would agree with it when you think about it

  2. as a beginner / self-taught programmer as per my knowledge from javascript, we can do anything with javascript
    even if python is also lower on run but on the same thing in javascript we can do that much faster
    as most developers prefer javascript for their backend, not python
    python is powerful but slow
    javascript is powerful and also faster and every day/week javascript is developing and becoming more powerful

    for me, most powerful language is js not python

  3. I know JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go and C and I'm learning other languages while I'm keeping myself updated. I love JavaScript, but I think TypeScript will be more important than JS, because of its types and strictness.

  4. "Will Javascript Take Over the World?" Oh God, I hope not. WebAssembly please.
    I remember a computer science professor in the '90s telling me that someday all software would be written in Java because it was portable.

  5. The Python example of gazillion packages coming to the machine with a 'pip install' is good point. I found R to be slightly more succinct at least for very beginning steps in data science. But these are very early steps.

  6. 2:07 wait until Brian will hear about Deno and its standard libraries.

    3:10 there are security issues with any programming language.
    3:08 if you don't understand how third party libraries work, you will definitely won't understand how standard libraries work.

    2:00 building libraries on top of each other is just how programming work. You write code using provided standard libraries (that might have their own security issues and bugs), or you can write code using available third party libraries, or you can write everything yourself.

  7. I'm "JS developer" and I hate the language, eco system and whole web as a platform. It all feels like stitched up together.
    Javascript especially. No static type system (I think after all these years we can conclude that loose typing is nonsense), we have to have another "layer" to overcome that (compiling one language into another is even bigger nonsense). Not to mention "this" hack, whole "class" hack, difference between function(), method(), arrow functions, runtime types, inheritance model via prototyping which nobody is using but at the same time everyone is using, etc.
    Npm system is broken, community tends to reinvent wheel over and over again, now it attracts a bunch of half-baked "engineers" and SJWs (just compare any C++ conference to any JS social justice exhibitions).
    JS just has to die off. The mere existence costs us time, performance and money…probably in billions of dollars.

  8. I was the "first person ever" to do quite a lot in javascript as far back as 1999, by writing soley for Windows Internet.Explorer. and heavily using the Windows 98 infrastructure, and abandoning . It was possible to push clientside rendering to create fog of war on maps and drawn 1600 cell grids in milliseconds, and even include right click Context menus. but I still think until it gets rid of document.getElementById I'm going to not really like it for its main raison d'etre html.

  9. This notion that you have no idea what you're pulling down via pip or npm is completely false, it's highly encouraged to look at the code you're adding to your app. You don't simply google, install and then hope it all works out – you have to dig into the libraries, compare options and figure out if it's what your project needs.

  10. Things like WebAssembly, Blazor, etc are already making a dent into the web universe and its getting momentum fast, so hopefully the days of JavaScript are numbered

  11. Javascript is ugly but it's not the only one more and more depends on libraries, name one language is not if you can. I often feel there's some kind conspiracy behind the trend, maybe it's the way to scale up the economy to generate more wealth, by making software ridiculously inefficient. think about all the network equipments, servers, storages, virtual machines, all fired up for a simple REST call to calculate 1 + 1 = 2.

  12. Lex is a Fake programmer or wetfe he did in MIT. These GD celebrities posing as academics is just FU!! will JavaScript takeover the world… why dont u ask JR about it. F** Stupid!

  13. Remember that the first attempt for creating apps in the browser was with Java, the dumb sister of C++, but it failed miserably, then JS was invented

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