Why You Can't Add Servers In Minecraft PS4!

Learn why you can’t add servers in Minecraft PS4. Sadly you are unable to add more servers on Minecraft playstation 4 or connect to / join external servers instead you are limited to the featured servers, but why? Watch the video to find out! PS4 Minecraft servers allow you to play mini games online with friends or other players, if you want to know how to play and join servers in Minecraft PS4 here’s a video to help you! – https://youtu.be/3a9fhOBk8hI Hope you Enjoy!

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36 thoughts on “Why You Can't Add Servers In Minecraft PS4!

  1. If you want to play external server download the app "MC server connector" on your phone and put in the server ip there and click "start server",then it should appear in "LAN games" on your ps4,note that you have to be on the same wifi on your phone and playstation for this to work

  2. You know…. used to it wasn't about money or control. The original vision of minecraft was just an open sandbox world for people to play in and do literally whatever they want to do. Mojang even said they'd open source the game if it ever lost popularity. They didnt try to control anything and left things to the server admins. They were very big on, pay once and own it forever refusing to have ads or microtrasactions or sponsored/partnered servers even going so far as trying to shutdown servers that did do this…… Like, what happened? Bedrock represents everything Mojang didn't want for their game.

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