Why Microsoft left dozens of servers on the ocean floor for two years

Microsoft wrapped up Phase 2 of Project Natick, its plan to test the viability of underwater data centers. We spoke with its project leads about what they found.

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23 thoughts on “Why Microsoft left dozens of servers on the ocean floor for two years

  1. Ok so..
    1) The Ocean offer great computer cooling capabilities.
    2) StarLink internet is now making it so you can get high speed net anywhere.
    Time to toss my gaming pc into the ocean… 🙂

  2. Love all the comments!
    Putting all the negative comment in with the babies and ai, mindsets!
    It's damned easier getting to, and fixing than in space!
    It's cheaper, more effective, until a bright a'i starts saying! Opps, we are over heating the seas!!

  3. It keeps them cool and the cooler they are the less data loss from heat. And things are only obselete because you are impatient and greedy. We just wanted the job done by something so we could be more relaxed in life.

  4. C'est une très bonne idée cela doit être un avenir et intégré un système de circuit d'eau en profondeur qui revient sur terre pour générer de l'électricité qui va alimenter ses serveurs sous-marins

  5. The environmental waffle is just that – waffle! They seem to have forgotten that they will need to send recovery ships all over the world to haul them up and down every few years so that will likely negatively offset any so called benefits

  6. the background is security so that no one would have access to it physically congrats the meta data collected from you is secure and they have everything against you and you can't destroy it

  7. Water is in many places. Places to cool. Its all about tax evasion.
    This Microsoft is one of the worst problems in our society. We need to get rid of it.

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