Why Is JavaScript So Hard To Learn? | WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU LEARN JS | #devsLife

I explain the difficulties and my opinion on why it it can be difficult for people to learn and grasp one of the most important programming languages out there…JavaScript #devsLife

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25 thoughts on “Why Is JavaScript So Hard To Learn? | WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU LEARN JS | #devsLife

  1. So I just started to learn programming. I am currently learning javascript. I plan to do html then css after. Should I do html and css before js? I am about 50% through the course and it is proving to be very difficult to understand.

  2. I'm just learning Conditionals and Functions and it's hard as hell. I understand it, but when I have to write it own, I'm just sitting there and thinking too much.

  3. I think i've sussed it. Javascript is just not for creative minds. It's for logical minds and therefore, fuck this shit. I can't retain any of it been doing it for over a year.

  4. I came from c++ background *only difficulty that i faced how exactly js works
    As in c++ memory are
    That's it
    But js 😐
    Stack call,heap, block,script,memory context, executive context,Hoisting,jit compilation,e.t.c

  5. I'm trying to get this bloody language inside my brain for literal months after a year break, I first learned it in college and I still have no idea how I passed the subject. I honestly fricking hate it but can't avoid learning, this shit is everywhere.

    I'm fine with C#, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, I can understand those languages and even play around with those but Javascript somehow for me always hits a damn roadblock. It's frigging maddening how it just doesn't fit my brain and yet I don't wanna quit cuz I'm that stubborn, there's already way too much time on this to just call it quits.

  6. I'm one of JS learner and I just started about 5months ago , from the begining it looks like piece of cake, but when it comes to deep part, my brain like tilting upsidedown and sometime I had to read the same tutorial multiple times to understand it fully beside writing my own JS code on notepad++ and run it. Yeah, coding need alot of practices! :))

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