Why I Play the JAVA Edition of Minecraft

Since I bought the game in 2011, I’ve always stuck with the Java Edition of Minecraft. Let’s take a deep look into why I play this specific edition of the game.

The Biggest Problem with Minecraft Servers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBpN679o5Yk
AntVenom’s Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoedFDVYmbw

40 thoughts on “Why I Play the JAVA Edition of Minecraft

  1. First off your tip #1 is not entirely correct wen you said that it is hard to import skins texture etc etc
    but truly it isn't on console there is an app for free that is call mc addons manager and it helps you dounload mods, skin-packs texture-pack, eh you know the gig. i now play on java since i just got my pc like last friday but i used to play bedrock on Xbox. it isn't as hard as it used to be. I will now continue on with the vid! lve your voice btw!!

  2. I think the legacy console edition is better aside from the fact that it's not supported anymore. I just started playing Minecraft again recently though and I can confirm that the bedrock edition is poopy.

    MINECafT MuDST BE CanceLLEd BeCAUsE of AutO JuMP

  3. I currently play on bedrock and sure, java is waaaaaaay better in terms of commands, mods, redstone, content etc. however there are couple things going for bedrock here, first one is RTX which I really enjoy cause it's performing well even on 4K screen. The second is, you can play on your server from your phone. Now I've seen something about being able to play with bedrock edition on java servers, however I don't know how usable that is and I'm pretty sure there have to be problems during big updates. I play minecraft with my sister and she only plays it on her phone so that's why I play on bedrock. Threre is also the fact that bedrock is kinda streamlined whereas java feels more nerdy and you have to keep tinkering with files for mods and resource packs. Both versions have their pros and cons however if java was 100% compatible with pocket edition and had rtx support, I would not even consider bedrock.

  4. First of all downloading mods on xbox is very easy. This is because you can go to the miscrsoft store and launch your xbox Minecraft on a laptop and download your mods their. As easy as pie. You can also just make a new account as you will only lose your cosmetics on bedrock servers. You imbicle why the hell did you not choose the hive. The hive is superior to hypixel because quality vs quantity. While hive has less games, they are all unique and one of a kind. Filled with 3d models and unique gameplay. First of all bedrock worlds are equally as pixelated as java so ur reason is CAP. Well bedrock is what I grew up with. Comment down if you think I am wrong and I will destroy all your claims.

  5. Why I play Java more than bedrock:

    -More world generation settings
    -Dual wielding
    -Updated combat
    -Better and quicker UI
    -Better modding capabilities
    -I can switch to older versions if I want
    -Redstone is better (popular opinion)
    -Hardcore and spectator mode
    -Locatebiome command
    -Less buggy apparently
    -Mob AI is better in my opinion

  6. You can mod java
    You have more minecraft style
    You have easier skin changer
    You have all the versions alpha to 1.17 snapshots
    If you purchase java before 2018 you would get a free bedrock without deleting java
    You have fps boosters like optifine sodium or badlion client
    You can mod bedrock but you dont have custom menus or anything
    In java you could make a custom modloader
    you could custom how many gb you wanna allocate
    A lot faster connection to the server and you would probably connect, i cant connect 50% of my servers on bedrock edition

    These are all my reasons to like java edition.

  7. No lie that you cant change the Xbox gamer tag, for free but there is way to get mods, worlds, resource packs and other things on console(Xbox one, PS4) I've done it before no hate Great vid.

  8. 1. Do a poll on a java edition channel.
    2. You don't have to do microtranactions.
    3. You say that you can import your own skins on the pc version of minecraft bedrock. Making it basically the same (it's easier to import packs and skins too)
    4. java edition isn't on console, making your point that you have to pay to get texture packs irrelevant.
    5. I'm pretty sure the first few times you change your username its free. Plus, you can always just create a new account.
    6. As examples for servers, you showed a bad laggy one, instead of a featured server like the hive, which is comparable to hypixel.
    7. The pixelated part is just an opinion, and you can easily change these things with a texture pack. Additionally, i think the bedorck interface is better. its less confusing and much more clearer. (my opinion)
    8. There is no marketplace in java. This means you have nothing to compare it to. Do you expect the images to have the same amount of pixels as everything else? c'mon.
    9. You are making your opinion seems stronger by showing programmer art. that's scummy.
    10. and "java edition is what i grew up with." Ok? So does that means java is better because you played it first?

    Half of these are opinions, and the other half are made to seem true when in reality Sal C1 is just showing the worst you can find in minecraft bedrock.

    If you actually read this, then ok.

    if you dislike this, you know im right.

    (except for my opinions)

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