Why do we need to learn C++ in 2020?

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39 thoughts on “Why do we need to learn C++ in 2020?

  1. I m from accounting background and have no programming knowledge.
    I want to step in deep learning. More precisely I want to develop a fashion designing bot that will generate new apparels on the instructions given in simple English.
    So which language should I learn in order to get in Python or C++ ?

  2. Learn languages to help you get specific jobs done. Most web developers do not need to learn C++ but if you are a Game developer or doing something close to hardware or Operating System C++ ,C or Assembly can still be useful. I would just learn what I need to get the job I want done. Also nothing is wrong with having at least one hobby languange.

  3. Hey sir i start to learn c++ and wondering what way i should study like just watching YouTube and writing what they say or there is another way thanks

  4. Lets just put it this way.. No language is wrong, no language is really "irrelevant". I guess it really just depends on what you really wanna do. Robotics? C/C++ might be a good option. Game Development? C# or Java might be better. It all boils down to what you wanna create I guess.

  5. is there any way you could make a video on how peoples different learning styles/preferences could show them which languages they'd like learning, you touched on it a bit at 14:32

  6. Thing is, to make a profit you (usually) need to be quick to market. It just gets worse every passing year. That means you need to select the simplest tools possible for the task at hand. Use C++ if you must.

  7. I am a budding system programmer, comfortable with C. I heard about "rust" as a system programming language . Can you please tell me your opinion about rust programming language

  8. I would like to see an opinion on the D language.D programming language is a compiled language that supports both managed and unmanaged memory and offers a high-level programming experience at almost the same performance as C++. Will it replace C++ some day?

  9. If you're applying for a webdev job, do you really have to learn about their tech stack in advance? This doesn't seem doable if you're applying to dozens of positions, each which use their own set of technology. Isn't it more customary to attend the interview, prove that you know how to code using either your current knowledge or solving whiteboard problems and only start learning their tech if you actually get hired?

  10. My teacher always taught me that whatever language u are using is all the same. All you need is to train your mind for Algorithm. So any language is Okay to me cuz I can easily get to it by reading docs

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  12. 05:25 : Start of the subject. Quora question:

    www DOT quora DOT com/Why-do-we-need-to-learn-C-in-2020
    Why do we need to learn C++ in 2020?

    07:57 : The conclusion (before the arguments)
    08:31 : The myth of the best programming language
    09:48 : The Ruby joke!
    14:08 : A young nerd noobling (nerdling)
    16:19 : The Ruby joke! (again)
    22:28 : What is he talking about???? New Pokémon Snap on the
    platform Nintendo Switch? Sometimes it is crucial to spell
    proper nouns correctly.

    en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/New_Pok%C3%A9mon_Snap
    en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Nintendo_Switch
    22:40 : In Turbo C++?
    en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Turbo_C%2B%2B
    23:29 : The super FAQ (e.g. at Quora) – and as usual without any context whatsoever: Is it
    too late to start learning to code at age X? (X: 16 – 98)

    X = 50

    en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/FAQ

    23:50 : Web frameworks in C++
    24:30 : Best programming language (outside of the web world)
    24:47 : Node.js vs. Go (web backend)
    en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Node.js
    en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Go_%28programming_language%29
    25:09 : Is Java dead? No!
    26:03 : Interview questions for a new graduate
    26:36 : Learn PHP for freelancing? Definitely!
    27:01 : YouTube joke(?)
    33:19 : End of meta talk (incl. streaming problems)
    34:00 : Payment gateway in Node.js. The banks are the problem. But bypass
    banks, Stripe, PayPal, and reinventing the wheel by using offerings
    from third parties.

    en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Stripe_(company)
    en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/PayPal
    35:12 : Real end

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