Why do big Companies use Java, and NOT PHP?

Java vs PHP. More specifically, why is Java (and .NET) used by larger companies and PHP tends to be used by small medium sized business?

Are there technical limitation in PHP 7 that prevent it from being used in big companies? Does Java and .NET share capabilities that PHP lacks? Or, is there something else going on?

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33 thoughts on “Why do big Companies use Java, and NOT PHP?

  1. I went to an interview at the department in Fujitsu that develops TV on demand services for millions of customers. I was amazed to learn it's all written in perl. They needed someone to reverse engineer it using UML because there was virtually no system documentation and it was all getting a bit out of hand.

  2. When you talk about having to write 1000 lines of code in Php vs 20,000 in java, you gotta be kindding, or you have never used libraries/frameworks… specially if you are talking about the most recent versions of php where things got a lot more verbose.

  3. I disagree with everything you said in this video. PHP is king of server side scripting just ask the guys at facebook, Wikipedia and WordPress. They all use PHP. Have a good day. Node js is not a language it is a frame work that runs on JS. PHP i s a complete language with many libray . PHP IS HERE TO STAY.

  4. Judging PHP in 2018 from the PHP 3 experience. PHP and Java are shit, most languages are shit when you're still studying dude.

  5. I have been deciding whether I should learn Java or PHP, coz I am taking paid courses , sponsored by government im my country. but still, I want to be ready for the job market as soon as i can. This video and the comments have helped me a lot to decide towards PHP.

  6. Stefan needs to talk less channel filling. If I look at the job market I see a lot of junior and senior PHP coders wanted. PHP pays my bills and holidays.

  7. "only for small projects". This week I interviewed for: a global bank, a global media company, a major insurance company, a major fulfilment company, a huge streaming platform…all of them run their main systems in PHP (Laravel or Symfony). Is just absurd to think is only for small-medium projects. Is it perfect, not at all. In 2020 is hard to find good interviews, I worked in at least 5 global market leaders (media, advertising, conferencing, publishing, finance…), and their main systems run in PHP, most of them are rebuilding legacy code again in PHP.

  8. It all depends on the time and situation. One thing you are right. Its all how the IT heads cover their asses. I am a CIO i will sack any IT guys who tells me it is safe becoz of the brands like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and cannot be wrong. IBM now stands for "Its Bloody Mistake".

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