Where is C++ being Used?

From Mars Rovers, Telescopes, Hollywood to Self-driving Cars, check what the different areas are where C++ can be used.
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18 thoughts on “Where is C++ being Used?

  1. C++ is the most beautiful thing never made … it is just like an omnipotente and omnipresent language, you can handle lowest and high level,…. used for everything you can imagine..

  2. I have an accounts background.
    Want to go in deep learning and have no programming knowledge.
    I m in interested in learning c++ for that
    So shall in step in programming via c++ or python ??

  3. C++ with it's meta programming is phenomenal. It's so powerful and so hard to learn and hard if possible to debug, all at the same time.
    The learning curve of meta programming itself i'd say is so steep it puts down so many people from mastering it

  4. I tried Python, I can see the appeal. Dynamic typing is OK for learning and prototyping, but give me C++ and static typing any day for major commercial systems that will be maintainable.

  5. I may not like C++ (Python fanboy), but it is one of the best languages for gaming, robotics, hardware, and self-driving cars. Only way to avoid it is to avoid industries that use it.

  6. I will start learning C++ now, I'll start my undergraduate next month. At the time being, I am merely capable of Python (love the language), but never was into progamming that much in my younger years. Prefered to elaborate my English speeking skills and soft skills, but now I cannot wait…

  7. I hope to get into columbia university for my masters and get to learn C++ from him! I love C++. BTW, he forgot that most deep learning technologies are also using C++ for computer vision and NLP tasks.

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