What's new in PHP 8.0

In this video I cover most of the changes made in PHP8.0.

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Table of Contents
00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – Just-In-Time (JIT)
02:56 – Project setup
04:41 – Names Arguments
10:12 – Union Types
12:34 – Constructor Property Promotion
14:03 – Null-Safe Operator
16:36 – Trailing Comma in Parameters
17:51 – Match Expression
19:51 – Attributes
35:18 – WeakMaps
42:05 – Mixed Type
43:15 – Throw Exception From New Places
44:07 – Call ::class on objects
44:26 – Non-Capturing Catch
45:08 – New String Functions
45:48 – Summary

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25 thoughts on “What's new in PHP 8.0

  1. not entirely true on the match expression, 200 is treated like 300, same as in the switch, while you said nothing, but NULL’s not nothing, that would be a void.

  2. Hey Zura, how are you doing? I hope you are doing well. Can you please do a video about php8 for desktop application under windows, I've done some research but most of the open source projects are outdated. If you have some knowledge of how to do something like this using php8, nginx and mysql. Thank you.

  3. Don't understand. Why this features make it 8.0, its more like 7.5? Most of those can help you a lot. Like if you write crappy code, now you can make it even crappier. We have to seriously rethink using php further. Its slowly and surely dying.

  4. I dont think the php 7.4/8.0 comparison was very helpful. All of us understand that php 8.0 syntax wont work in 7.4
    Keep it to examples of ‘this is how we used to do it’ and ‘this is how we do it now’

  5. I’m new to php . But I learned typescript and python and I’m new to backend dev in general. I could pickup php faster. How do I know when I’m ready to learn Laravel. I’m interested in making rest apis what framework’s do I use to do that

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