What’s new in JavaScript (Google I/O ’19)

This presentation gives an overview of cutting-edge JavaScript development techniques to build modern web and Node.js apps. Discover which features to expect in Chrome and Node.js soon, how the V8 engine optimizes for them, and how to improve real-world performance and stability on the Web and in Node.js.

• Mathias Bynens https://twitter.com/mathias
• Sathya Gunasekaran https://twitter.com/_gsathya

More info:
• https://v8.dev/
• https://twitter.com/v8js

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36 thoughts on “What’s new in JavaScript (Google I/O ’19)

  1. So horrible …

    numbers are already formatted in Finance as [+-]s(d){1-3}(sddd)*([.]?(d*))?([eE][+-]?d*)?


    All you created already exist in better way …

    You even failed to talk about slicing for object and map O_O ?

  2. What about jQuery? Do think we have to forget completely this script language to the native JavaScript. I believe the jQuery is the best way for those who have more difficulty with the native language JS. Your feedbacks are welcome.

  3. Finally weak reference, make my life so much easier, like I can finally trivially log CSP reports in memory without worrying about memory leaks.

  4. Imo, it's actually really unfortunate private class fields were implemented. Now there will be some cases where you can't inspect the content of objects used by some other websites, which seems like both a security hazard and also just bad manners imo… Anyway, what was the problem with using _ to dictate private variables? Finally what's with the screwed up syntax? idk… Not happy about this feature personally.

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