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Get more space, power, and flexibility for your website (without the need for tech skills) with business hosting from GoDaddy. Learn more about all GoDaddy can offer your business at: https://www.godaddy.com/hosting/business-hosting

Growing businesses need a hosting solution that is powerful yet easy to manage.

Let’s look at how Business Hosting is a simple yet powerful solution over Shared Hosting and VPS.

Meet Joe. He commutes to his business on the bus.

The bus is affordable but Joe must adapt to the bus route and schedule and he has to share space with other passengers. Shared hosting is similar.

It’s an affordable solution where you share server space with other websites, and it works great for basic sites with a low to moderate number of visitors.

If Joe needs more space, power, and control, he can drive a car. Of course, he needs to know how to drive and maintain a car. VPS hosting is similar.

There’s no sharing of power or resources and you get control over the server. But at the same time it requires advanced technical skills.

If Joe doesn’t want to deal with the complexity of maintaining a car, he can commute by taxi.

He gets nearly all the benefits of driving a car but he doesn’t need any driving skills.

Business Hosting is similar.

If you need more powerful yet less complex hosting that doesn’t require advanced technical skills, then business hosting may be the answer you’re looking for!

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