Web Hosting & CPanel Guide – How To Easily Upload Your Website

In this guide we will discuss the different types of web hosting accounts and we will be working with a brand new account to explore CPanel, upload a website via FTP, create email accounts, create a subdomain, install WordPress, create a database among other things.


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28 thoughts on “Web Hosting & CPanel Guide – How To Easily Upload Your Website

  1. Hi Brad , Desperately hoping that you would see my question here :

    How do I host and run python files along with my HTML in public_html folder.
    Can it be done in CPanel ?
    If not what should I Do.

    Thanks again for an amazing video

  2. Fille zilla after specifying my credentials returns an "EAI_AGAIN" error

    I made sure to double check my spelling. No clue as to why it wont connect even after following along step by step.

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  4. All thanks to @DarrylFrank on telegram he help with bit coin flips and fresh cc and it work I don't no what I will do without you ….you are the real deal

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