== vs === – Beau teaches JavaScript

What’s the difference between double equal signs and triple equal signs in JavaScript? Find out in this video!

🔗 http://codepen.io/beaucarnes/pen/oBbwaN?editors=0012

More info:
🔗 https://appendto.com/2016/02/vs-javascript-abstract-vs-strict-equality/
🔗 https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Equality_comparisons_and_sameness

Beau Carnes on Twitter: https://twitter.com/carnesbeau

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27 thoughts on “== vs === – Beau teaches JavaScript

  1. at 1:32 it's not correct to say that '1' is converted to true. That's not what's happening there. Whenever true is compared using loose equality, it's converted to a 1. Then the comparison becomes 1 == '1'. At this point, '1' is converted to 1 (because using loose equality, when comparing a number to a string, the string is implicitly coerced to a number). So at this point, it becomes 1 == 1, which causes it to evaluate as true.

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