Valheim LOCAL Server | How to setup Dedicated Server @Vedui42

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Valheim is new great co op game, but since it’s best played with friends, you need a server!

This video covers how to setup a local dedicated server for Valheim, so you can play with your friends without having to be logged into the game all the time!

It uses steam, and is quite straight forward.
I also cover how to configure it, and mention port forwarding and firewall opening.
Wonder where the save games are stored? Check towards the end!

If you still need a hosted server for the game, it can save you electricity and trouble having it on your local PC. I’ve made a video of how to do this easily :

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36 thoughts on “Valheim LOCAL Server | How to setup Dedicated Server @Vedui42

  1. Damn I can't find how to play in Lan… My brother is at my home for couple months and we play on my server on internet. But the performance are awful and I have a shitty internet connexion. How to play in Lan, without internet?

  2. this is awesome and will be looking into this too as I'm not the best at any of this haha
    what are the specs for a server and what about preventing hackers from coming in?

  3. Awsome vid thanks a bundle =)
    Quick question if you have an old machine you could leave on for a server. Running the server on that machine, could you login with your steam account on the server machine or do you need a server steam account. IE buy the game again for the server ? You cant have steam running on two machines at the same time can you ? Or us there another way ?

  4. Some one know how to put a normal world file to run into those local servers? can i just copy the entire file fwl and db of the world and put in that path on %appdata%?

  5. Got status changed msg k_ESteamNetworkingConnectionState_None and then it tell me wrong password in game, i tried with 3 different password and always the same result heeeelp pls

  6. How the hell do you change seeds of the server?? I've now tried editing the FWL file of the server to the same name as my previous save that wasn't a dedicated server but everytime i start the server it changes the seed back to it's original one. There absolutely 0 information regarding this and it's making me fuming 🙁 Please help me change my damn seed!

  7. Thanks for the tutorial but after the "game server connected", I can't find it on the Valheim server browser and when I add my Internal IP address to the Steam favorite server, it says "server not responding". If you know a fix or anything that I could try please let me know! Thanks for the video!

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