Valheim How to Setup a Dedicated Server | Local & Online Hosted

Valheim How to Setup a Dedicated Server | Local & Online Hosted | Ginger Prime Gaming
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Valheim allows you to host your own dedicated servers and I’ve got it setup both locally and online via a hosting provider. Here is what you need to know.

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Ginger Prime is a Video Game Channel that loves to talk about Video Games. Here you will find a focus on Multiplayer and ARPGs (Action RPGs) like PSO2 (Phantasy Star Online 2), Anthem, Outriders, Final Fantasy XIV, Diablo, Torchlight 3, and more multiplayer RPGs that I’m excited to share. This channel will focus on news and guides, so if you need any help, just let me know.

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0:00 Introduction
1:00 How to Setup Steam Local PC
5:00 How to Setup Online Host and Migrate World
9:00 The Cool Stuff

12 thoughts on “Valheim How to Setup a Dedicated Server | Local & Online Hosted

  1. This tutorial is great but I cannot find a way to have both the dedicated server and valheim open at the same time, do I have to buy a new copy on a separate steam account just for hosting?

  2. 1. Select your character, then press start.

    2 Click the Join Game tab.

    3 Make sure the Friends option is selected at the bottom.

    4 Select friend's world you wish to join.

    5 Enter the password your friend has provided you.

    this dont work iff you know what i mean

  3. iff you wont to play wit friends the do say that you can just use the join friends world. we do try and it starts to load and then it come wit lost connection. it under join friends loacal.

  4. I am having issues when I load my world that I loaded into the dedicated server. Its almost like I spawn in under my world.. I see a few of my bases close by but they are in the sky . I spawned into a crater with the starting stones .. very strange. help?

  5. How is the server holding up and how many people do you have on it? I currently have a 10 slot server under g-portal and the connection after 4-5 players connect is horrible. Can’t group fight bosses with more than 4 people

  6. Holy shit, this helped so much. Mainly cause the bisecthosting worked compared to me trying to use Nitrado 😂. Great video though helped me a lot and was straight to the point.

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