Top Podcast Hosting Sites 2021 (Top 5 Best Podcast Hosts)

Looking for the top podcast hosting sites? In this video I outline my top 5 best podcast hosting sites in 2021. All of these options make hosting a podcast super. There is a mix of paid and free podcast hosting options to give you a bunch of options. I am a huge fan of all of these podcast hosts, and I really think you can’t go wrong regardless of what you decide to go with! Links to all of them can be found below!





Simple Cast:

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47 thoughts on “Top Podcast Hosting Sites 2021 (Top 5 Best Podcast Hosts)

  1. We have a very unique show which makes our needs a little diverse. Hopefully someone here can help. We do a LIVE video & audio broadcast using YardStream with a 3 camera setup & 4 microphones. What’s the best way to get the content to Apple, Spotify, etc? We hit almost 2k on our first podcast in a few days and have a website with godaddy hosting so I’m not sure which avenue is best for our needs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. How easy is it to have guests on Buzzsprout, if they are in a different location than you? Do any of the top 5 you spoke of allow for this option?

  3. Hey! I am struggling with setting up our Namecheap site for podcast. Is it a good hosting site? I already had it from blogging I tried to do but really got frustrated with it and dropped it. I've been enjoying doing my hubs and my podcast show. We just haven't figured out how to move on from Anchor, which we really want to now. Thanks!

  4. Great review, just what I was looking for and after reading through the comments it looks like I will give Buzzsprout a try. Although, I was looking at the websites as you were talking and ranked them the following. Simplecast, Captiva, Podbean, Buzzsprout, Transistor. Maybe when you said the big players use them it swayed me.
    Thanks again.

  5. looking a platform like periscope that saves your stream video from twitch, no matter how many hours you stream for free. Periscope will not be available after March 20201.. Any suggestions? thank you kindly

  6. We have a trpg actual play youtube show and are looking to post the episodes in podcast format as well. We have 2 long term campaigns and some smaller shows that we would love to keep in seperate playlists and a backlog of episodes to post. Sounds like Transistor might make the most sense but would love any insights/recommendations from those with experience!

  7. Thanks for this your videos are helpful!! I’m glad you mentioned simplecast on here someone recommended them. I am very new to this though. I’ve been hosting a YouTube/Facebook live vlogcast and am turning that audio into a podcast. So I have about 15 interviews already. Now it’s changing it into audio for a podcast. You helped me with choosing my name before so this is helpful in finding a host. Thanks. Now I’m wondering if I should go with buzzsprout instead of simple cast.
    I’ll try to find your video on that

  8. Hi @benleavitt I am kind of new ish to podcasting. I had a podcast last year on anchor and audio only. I recently started again with Anchor and a Youtube channel now. If i went to podbean am i able to transfer my content on Anchor over to Podbean or would I have to start from scratch?

  9. After looking at all the options I went with Transistor. After uploading my 3rd episode, I noticed that it wasn't playing on Google's podcast app and contacted support. One of the founders of the company contacted me back within minutes and let me know he had somebody over at google fixing the bug as we spoke. It was all done in a few hours. You simply cannot beat that kind of customer service.

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