Top 10 pixelmon servers | Pixelmon Reforged | Feature showcase

Top 5 BEST Pixelmon server | Minecraft Pixelmon reforged(feature showcase)

Hey guy it s Labs, it’s that time of year you have all been waiting for!!! Yes , it’s time for a new top 5 pixelmon servers video. Our last top 5 pixelmon video resulted in over 69,000 views and it’s time for us to make a new video. Before we continue please Like and subscribe so we can continue creating great content like this! Also don’t forget to leave a comment telling us what your favorite pixelmon server is , or what pixelmon server you are going to checkout from our list.

PokeLand IP:
PokeLand Discord:
PokeLand Website:
Technic Pack:…

Goldcrest IP: GoldCrest.Strangled.Net
Goldcrest Discord:
Goldcrest Website:

Technic pack :


Goldcrest is a new Pixelmon server aiming to bring you a unique and custom Pixelmon experience. From our many events to our custom features, there is something to make everyone’s Pixelmon journey more interesting.

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