Top 10 Javascript Tricks You Didn't Know!

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In this episode we will cover 10 tips and tricks that you might not know you can do in Javascript. We will also take a look at a lot of tricks in javascript ES6 and also beginner level javascript tricks that you might’ve not know.

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49 thoughts on “Top 10 Javascript Tricks You Didn't Know!

  1. when would shortening arrays with manually assigning .length be an actual good idea? I feel like that introduces the possibility of janked up arrays that aren't acting as expected leftover by mutating like that. wouldn't you prefer .slice() to be more explicit about which cut of the pie you're accessing in all cases?

  2. using more serious examples makes the learning a lot less distracting! I know you are trying to be funny and all, but the jokes and funny things make it hard to focus.

  3. Dude, you're so funny! The video is great anyway but the little things you throw in there like 'stealing from shops, no, what other hobbies do I have.." just make me laugh so much and actually restore my faith in humanity. You're awesome bro! Keep on rocking 🙂

  4. Nobody is going to point out how @ 5:35 he has the ages messed up and when the code says for the age of 60 that it is between 30 and 59 he says it works just fine? WTF?

  5. Merci Ed. Unele le stiam altele nu. Simple trucurile dar utile zic eu. Cel mai mult mi-a placut cel cu O sa abuzez de el si o sa plang la cat de incete sunt programele mele. XD

  6. thx dude didn't know about perfomance thing. Thought about what is the analogy of timeit of Python in JS, thx…. And…about 2020, u were wrong

  7. lol.. i'm always extra surprised by the fact this guy is a "programmer".. his logic is a kind of lady like.. all around with no clearance or bite.
    For example.. no sense what so ever in his if else statements in this video.. (i lasted to 5.33)
    If you are less than (<) 50 then it's what.. less than 30? Even if it's typo.. then it's not less than 50, it is less than or equal to 50.. ie. <= 50 which is the polar for > 50.
    And if your age is greater than 50 and not greater than 70, then your age is from 51 to 70, not 30 to 59!!!
    And.. first thing a productive programmer learn is to type on keyboard error free. I doubt I have seen any of his video where he can type a simple word without lot's of deletes and fuzzes all around.

    But for his excuse.. he is knowledgeable and does indeed know alot about what he is talking about and that's why I keep watching his vid's

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