This Is the Only Way to Truly Learn JavaScript

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— This Is the Only Way to Truly Learn JavaScript —
In this video I’m explaining the best way to become a JavaScript programmer.

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24 thoughts on “This Is the Only Way to Truly Learn JavaScript

  1. The Funniest programming tutorial I've ever seen, you truly spoke facts about the struggles of programming lmao!

    and yes w3schools is kind of a shitty site

  2. am really starting to practice and do your advices Chris

    if (Chris advices really work in the next few months) {

    console.log("Thnak you so much Chris ");
    } else {

    console.log("thnk you ")


  3. …..My notes…..

    Learn lower level js before going for any framework-

    Build own html elements in Js.
    Bind them to the DOM, remove them from the DOM. Add and remove attributes.

    Creating and destroying events.

  4. I only have one complaint about this video, and it's not aimed at the videos author, But at YouTube. Why wasn't this recommended to me sooner? Liking and subscribing now. Thanks for teaching me

  5. What REALLY got me understanding JavaScript well was creating Discord chatbots with node. It taught me:

    – modules
    – asynchronous code via promises or async await
    – events, a chatbot is basically relies mostly on events
    – it doesn't require webpack or other transpilers. It's JS through and through
    – gives you a good chance to work with databases
    – writing tests is easy

    And it was fun!

  6. A month ago I watched this video couldn't understand a thing, now after practicing js for a month I was able to follow it. Now I know when to start framework, thank you so much 😊

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