38 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of Java

  1. My dumb classmates think that Minecraft Java Edition is a better version of Bedrock or P.E but they don't know that it is actually a programming language: JAVA.

    Me: Mojang, why in the world did you re-write Minecraft in Java?? Now I can use my laptop as a toaster while playing Minecraft

    User: Java, java?
    Java: Yes papa?
    User: Eating R.A.M?
    Java: No papa.
    User: Telling lies?
    Java: No papa!
    User: Open you mouth…
    Java: HAHAHA!
    millions of bytes of R.A.M fall out from Java's mouth*

  2. Yes, its true. Java is dying. Thats why today I searched at indeed and got 38787 jobs for Java and Javascript (which is now booming and passing its golden age) has 37667 jobs. I can understand it .., 😜😜😜

  3. Just a click-bait. Half the promised content is missing – What about the "fall" part?! The deprecation of Java applets from the Internet clearly can't be regarded as "the fall of Java".

  4. You know what, I tried making a Java applet in 2020

    I couldn't make it work, maybe because I got my reference from my dad's old 'Learn Java in 21 days (1995 edition)'. As a modern frontend developer, I had no previous experience with Java.

    I also couldn't find a version of HotJava that worked with Windows 10.

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