The Design of C++ , lecture by Bjarne Stroustrup

The Design of C++, a lecture by Bjarne Stroustrup. This video has been recorded in March, 1994.

From University Video Communications’ catalog:

“Bjarne Stroustrup describes the origins, aims and design rules for C++, and then presents key language features and the programming techniques they support. Finally, he discusses current uses of C++, the standardization effort, and likely future uses. Throughout, he emphasizes why C++ looks the way it does. Stroustrup explains the language features which most directly support data abstraction, object-oriented programming, and the design and use of large systems: classes, abstract classes, templates, class hierarchies, run-time type information, namespaces and templates.”

Lot number: X6636.2013
Catalog number: 102624733

42 thoughts on “The Design of C++ , lecture by Bjarne Stroustrup

  1. Bjarne Stoustrup speaks my mind. I love freedom of choice. So here is my small list of prefered programming languages:
    1) "C" => for driver development …
    2) "C++" => for hardware near system software development & complex applications with realtime requirements …
    3) "Phyton" => for quick & "dirty" prototyping application software … concept studies etc. …
    4) "Go" => system & application software development targeting distributed systems …

  2. I have a sense that maybe this man is Satoshi Nakamoto and we didn't noticed ..
    Invented C++
    Worked on Distributed Systems and Network
    (maybe) Invented Bitcoin(with C++) ??

  3. They gave their privileges, love life, interaction with friends and family and dedicated their life for something which makes its easier to do things i admire these people

  4. Java is much better than this. I would like to punch him in the face because this programming language which i dont like is made to learn forceably in our college😓.
    And this is not user friendly when compared to java and other languages.

  5. Sad my kids are watching cartoons to teach them subjects and this man will never be seen. Please complain to your school system if your not afraid.

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