The dedicated servers aftermath | Friday the 13th The Game

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30 thoughts on “The dedicated servers aftermath | Friday the 13th The Game

  1. You shouldn't be counting how long it takes to find a lobby. You should counting be how long you gonna stay un the match. Especially if you got a rage quitter for a host.

  2. I just started watching your videos and I really do enjoy them. I use to play Friday The 13th The Game all the time. I miss playing it. I'm gonna end up buying myself a Xbox One and playing again. It's so fun playing this. Would love to play in a match with you , you get so into it lol.

  3. We played last night. Lots of getting kicked due to host leaving. Still fun but I can see it getting old. Also driving is so much harder, didn’t expect that.

  4. The game is still very much playable, but it's frustrating as hell when you're playing as Jason and going on a killing spree before the host catches feelings and ruins everything

  5. Still playable but will still get the eventual " host has left " . If the people don't realize as host they need to stay the entire game , it will kill it quick.

  6. I got it free w/PS+ and decided to take a break due to never gaming online.
    Deals & free monthly games were my reason.
    Time to take a break.
    I'm playing Medieval Remastered, Doom and DBFIGHTERZ as of late Tbh.

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