Testing New Xeon CPUs for New Servers!

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My wife says I’m not allowed on eBay after 9pm anymore… I keep buying servers, CPUs and storage. So here’s a video so I can at least claim these as a business expense 😀

But first… What am I drinking???

Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Fresh Hop IPA… A hoppy winter seasonal that holds up very well to the Sierra Pale it comes from. Absolutely delicious.

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Check out the Hyve Zeus 1U server on eBay: https://ebay.to/2JxBFCI
Hyve Zeus Rail Kit: https://ebay.to/3qxBJCU
Intel Xeon E5-2650: http://ebay.to/39AlE9c
Intel Xeon E5-4627v2: http://ebay.to/3j6QgSM
Elecom HUGE Trackball: https://amzn.to/3cx7E1Y
And get yourself some Arctic MX-2: https://amzn.to/3agQ4fy

Find the parts I recommend on my Amazon store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/craftcomputing

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44 thoughts on “Testing New Xeon CPUs for New Servers!

  1. The link for the Hyve Zeus 1U server takes me to Ebay which shows a picture of a 2 processor server but the listing seems to say 1 processor. Listing is for $100 bucks. An other listing I found, same seller, shows the same server and specifies 2 processor for $169. Is there more to the story?

  2. Right now, I don't see the point of buying Xeons V0 or V2, having V3s at bargain prices, unless you want to take advantage of those old specific servers. I Bought 2x Xeons 2678 V3, a Huananzhi T8D, and with a little of undervolting and turbo unlock, I'm getting in Cinebench r20 7706 points in multicore and 261 single core. I just paid 78€ for each Xeon. It is performing in multicore really close to a Ryzen 3950X for 540€:

    – Huananzhi T8D = 144€
    – Xeons = 78*2= 156€
    – 128Gb DDR3 1866mhz ECC Memory = 240€

  3. Love your sarcastic remarks and ofcourse your work. Big fan sir. Love from India. It's always great to see fellow senior geeks tinkering with servers. Regards. 😊

  4. I have a 6800K that will pull 128W max at 4.0 GHz under full non-AVX load. The TDP is 140W. Right now I'm pondering setting the long duration limit to 65W because it's now in a NAS.

  5. I'm actually going to be building my first home server soon. I picked up a dual-socket LGA2011-3 board from Asus and one E5-2698 v4 with 64GB of ECC registered RAM. I wanted the opportunity to upgrade in the future by adding a second processor, RAM and cooler. In the end, though, I've spent more than I needed to just to avoid the associated noise and cumbersome form factor of an existing decommissioned server. Moral of my story thus far: if you have the space for a rack and you need server-grade equipment, just buy a rack and some decommissioned servers. It's so much easier and foolproof.

    Also, when picking out the intel chips you want, don't forget to pull up the Wikipedia List of Xeon Processors, since the tables in the page include helpful information like core turbo state configurations, which can be incredibly impactful when the chips run too hot or just have too many cores to maintain an all-core max turbo. Something to note: the Wikipedia tables do not make a distinguishing indication between the v0 and v1 revisions of these processors, so it can be a bit confusing, and detrimental to your plans, as they are on different sockets and chipsets. easiest way to remember is that v0 was on LGA1567 and even the best processors are cheap as hell because the motherboards don't fit in anything, and the v1 is the first generation on LGA2011.

  6. I ended up using dual E5-2696 V2 CPUs. They're 12-core 24-thread each. All core turbo is 3.0 GHz, single core a bit higher. 120W TDP. They're the same specs as E5-2697 V2 except 100MHz lower frequencies and cheaper.

    **Make sure your motherboard is compatible. All ASUS boards are. Other vendors I'm not sure

  7. The issue with server power draw is as much CPU as it is RAM. ECC registered and buffered RAM runs very hot and sucks a lot power. On my server, I had to put a temperature cap on the. RAM because it would overheat during intense workloads.

  8. I grabbed one of those chenbro servers you featured previously and noticed these while I was looking at the chenbro's. Went through the same process checking to see what CPU's should work and was wondering if the 4 series would actually work since multiproc can be a bit wonky depending on the motherboard OEM. Good to know they do work but I don't really need another server since I already have a v3 machine that will be my vm box. I really dont need another server… But so cheap! You might want to start looking into v3 machines for anything heavy on the processor, prices are really low on the lower end and even the 2678 v3 is a good little CPU for ~$100ish

  9. I rebuilt my server/desktop (back in 2016) with a Xeon E5-2658 V3 (12C/24T). It's been a great CPU!!!! Runs cool and will run 24/7 under heavy load with no problems. Under load (using a 212 EVO), the CPU never goes over 60C. At the time, I paid $170 for it. This was before Ryzen came online. So…. This E5 was a great upgrade to get I7 performance for AMD pricing.

  10. Windows updates 🙁 just delay security and feature updates via gp and disable the service and turn them back on periodically to run them or better yet let Windows turn them back on for you via the update medic service:)

  11. Hey Jeff ,long time follower of the channel, first post. I have an HP z620 workstation with a couple e5-2696v2 @2.5ghz base, 3Ghz all core boost (12C/24T 30MB L3 each) , and 128GB DDR3 1866, and the performance is stellar. while is not a 1RU server, it's quite silent (bedroom silent), allows huge expansion internally and they are dirt cheap. Just shy of a 1950X Threadripper performance in Cinebench R23 (15162pts for my couple e5-2696v2s)

    Speaking of value CPU probably the E5-2650v2 is better bang than the v1 or the E5-4627 v2, normally faster DRAM clocks too.

  12. Good choice on the Supermicro X9 range. Very much a bang for buck platform. I went for an X9dr3. CPU wise I got 2x E5-2690 v2. Means for my home lab with vmware has 40 cores and 96g memory and not at the prices you'd expect. I went BargainHardware who did deals to beat ebay prices.

  13. The advantage of these old xeons is not clockspeed but price, RAM capacity support and Registered ECC support. Also you get a lot of PCI-e lanes and cache.

  14. In 2020 to run a couple vms what would u recommend just a web developer home lab. I see the 720 are ment to be good but hungry on power

    Oh it would be for plex and windows 2019 server as well so need something can do hardware transcoding

  15. I wonder if there's a bios update that's required on the motherboard that changes the way higher TDP chips behave. Then again, it could simply be a limitation due to the fact that the server is only 1U

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