Terraria – How to Setup a Dedicated Server – Part 1 (No Hamachi)

Step-by-step tutorial on setting up a Terraria server using the dedicated server console added in v1.3. No Hamachi necessary!

This is Part 1, where I demonstrate (in Windows 7):
– Port Forwarding
– Firewall Rules

Click below for Part 2:

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29 thoughts on “Terraria – How to Setup a Dedicated Server – Part 1 (No Hamachi)

  1. i followed these instructions almost perfectly, tho my router is netgear and i had to set it up from a different PC then where I'm hosting , my screen is stuck at 'connecting to (my IP)'

    did i get something wrong?

  2. one suggestion, minor though it may be, to find your public IP you do not need to use any third part website, simply type "ip" into google search or the chrome omni-search box and the top search result will tell you your public IP

  3. A really timeless tutorial. I've just used this for another game that I've been trying to set up a server on and it worked like a charm. Many thanks Paul! You've always had some very easy to follow tutorials and this one was certainly no exception. I raise my glass to you.

  4. i type the default gateway into the address bar,but it says that it took too long,help?
    edit: i got that working,so i followed the rest of the tutorial to the letter it says"connecting to(my ip)" help?
    another edit:i turned off the mcafee firewall as suggested to someone else by DragonflyDreams360,and it worked,i should read the comments on these videos more lol

  5. I think I have a common problem like most of people might get…

    My friends can log in on my server, but I cannot.
    It says that I'm actually connecting on the game, but it does not tell to my terraria that it founds the server. I tried (localhost), but this is even worst.

    I'm using Vista, I don't think my firewall blocks me… I think my ports are good… I don't get it. xD

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