Steam Dedicated Server for Unreal Engine 4.19.2

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a dedicated server for Steam using Unreal Engine 4.19.2.

I know that another guy made a video about it, but it didn’t work for me, so I decided to do a tutorial when I fix all the problems I had.

My tutorial notes and screenshots:!JMpSwAIB!7oqc5WDTTZFJm7NQunTFuuZ9MpVUzAnFErZsBWTj3Cc

Advanced Sessions Plugin:

A guide that helped me a lot:

How to download UE4 from source:

The code you need to write in the game mode for setting current players (same thing needs to be called from both On Post Login and On Logout):
1st Method:
2nd Method (verified, better):

Current Players BP in Game Mode

The tutorial project:!1ZpkgKKJ!pnDYKifM3PMxgccfQxss3A0qAiVsq0gy0ZB_m9oVhHQ

Also sorry for my bad English. 🙂

27 thoughts on “Steam Dedicated Server for Unreal Engine 4.19.2

  1. I am working on my own game right now. I haven't touched UE4 for one year because I had to study for my exams. I am very busy right now with my game and it is also a bit harder because I lost practice. Basically, I forgot 90% of what I did in this tutorial, so basically when I will have to do the dedicated server for my game, I will have to watch my own tutorial (which is kinda awkward).

    Anyways, if I am ever going to update this, it will happen when I build my own dedicated server for my own game which is being created using Unreal 4.20.3. If I will get it to work again, which I hope I do, I think I am going to make a tutorial, but most probably it will be in 4.20.3. I really like this version a lot, not sure why, but I always stick to older versions. 🙂

  2. I can see the steam overlay in editor stand alone and the develop build. But I cant see the overlay on shipping build. Should I trust this progress and continue to make some achievements for my game or my efforts gonna be in vain?

  3. Hi, thank you for the amazing tutorial.
    I wanted to double check. Is this tutorial ONLY for people who want to host their OWN machine servers?
    Can this tutorial work with people who want to host matches over Steam with their OWN machines?

    By the way. unfortunately, I followed the tutorial, but received an error:

    [2020.04.02-01.46.13:730][ 0]LogWindows: Error: === Critical error: ===

    [2020.04.02-01.46.13:730][ 0]LogWindows: Error:

    [2020.04.02-01.46.13:731][ 0]LogWindows: Error: Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum) [File:D:GitHubUnrealEngine421EngineSourceRuntimeCorePublicContainers/Array.h] [Line: 611]

    [2020.04.02-01.46.13:731][ 0]LogWindows: Error: Array index out of bounds: 0 from an array of size 0

    [2020.04.02-01.46.13:731][ 0]LogWindows: Error:

    [2020.04.02-01.46.13:731][ 0]LogWindows: Error:

    [2020.04.02-01.46.13:732][ 0]LogWindows: Error: [Callstack] 0x00007ff93a42a839 KERNELBASE.dll!UnknownFunction []

  4. I need to ask can i make a something like when login from steam and now want to play can i just make without join in and browsing the servers just get in as random like 5 servers made with a limit of players

  5. Can't believe that this guy has this amazing voice. Btw thanks, this tutorial fix bugs that i'm trying to fix since 2 months ago.

  6. Well I'm using 4.20 and no matter what I do, I cannot join my server when I activate STEAM advanced sessions. When I disable the steam plugin, I can connect just fine through a direct IP. So, I'm guessing the Steam plugin is bugged with 4.20…

  7. I`m a bit stuck that part where you show the Findserver function. Will you be able to assist me there please and the whole blueprint system how it is done there that is the part where I`m really lost.


  8. All good with AppID 480, but can't find session when set my own AppID (I set it awerywhere DefaultEngine.ini, OnlineSubsystemSteam.cpp, steam_app.txt). How can I check that server and client start with my AppID?

  9. Hey!
    Great tutorial! I managed to make the server appear on steam LAN, but it doesn't show in online, and I cannot find the session with advance find sessions. I'm using 4.20, do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  10. Hello, folks!
    This tutorial should be updated pretty soon. I am currently having some issues with my game, but as soon as I solve them I will share how to do manier features, one of them will be the dedicated servers (a remake of this tutorial coming soon) and spatialized audio. You will also learn how to build the engine from source and how to download pull requests from GitHub directly into the engine! Stay tuned! A tutorial series is coming soon.

  11. Your english is very good. I wouldn't say it cuz its not true and ur putting out negative vibes. Thanks for the tutorial. I am near 25 minutes and will hopefully be done tonight. 🙂

  12. me and my friend have been trying to do this for over a month now and haven't had success with any tutorial…not even yours which seemed to be perfect..we got it to work without Steam, but it doesn't want to work with Steam even though we did everything the same as in the video. any help?

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