State of Update 3, Steam, and Dedicated Servers

What’s the deal with Update 3, steam, and dedicated servers anyway?

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#Satisfactory is an FPS open-world factory building sim by #CoffeeStain Studios. You play as an engineer on an alien planet as part of the ‘Save The Day’ program – a program whose goal is to construct a massive machine for a mysterious purpose. Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction!

42 thoughts on “State of Update 3, Steam, and Dedicated Servers

  1. Where is the Dedicated SERVER announced already in 2019? As long as it is not there, I can not play with my friends in a large expanded Satisfactory. No matter how funny, witty, informative, etc. this video and the updates are … I am very disappointed. "WHERE IS THE DEDICATED SERVER ???"

  2. Wo bleibt der Dedicated SERVER angekündigt schon 2019? Solange der nicht da ist kann ich mit meinen Freunden in einem Groß ausgebauten Satisfactory nicht Spielen. Egal wie Lustig, Witzig, Informativ usw. dieses Video und die Updates sind… Ich bin schwer enttäuscht. "WO BLEIBT DER DEDICATED SERVER ???"

  3. A year later, and we're still waiting on dedicated servers. :*(

    My friends and I have completely stopped playing until we can all join forces on a server, because having one person "control" everyone else's playtime isn't working when you're all 40+ year olds with families.

  4. A year later and still no dedicated servers. I get bored playing this game alone and my friends don't want to wait for whoever has the save to get alone just to play our map. This game NEEDS dedicated servers if you want your player base to grow – with Linux binaries please.

  5. So 8 months later and you still have not addressed the largest problem facing this game. Why in the hell did you ever develop a multiplayer model based on one person hosting a game like this?

  6. With all respect with steam/valve for all the good stuff they have done for our community i need to point out that dedicated servers are not really dedicated because you need to stay log on with your Steam account where is the server installed and that does not make it dedicated!

    A dedicated server as to be a tool server (like it was before) install in a dedicated PC with low energy consume and always on open all the time for people or friends to access it anytime not in my Personal gaming PC that has 800-100-1300 watt power supply consumption .

    Now people are forced to leave on there Gaming PC because Steam/valve decide to link new dedicated server tool with your account.

    Please give another option , give back the old tool server or make that new dedicated server can be used even if you have account log on other PC ,Please Dedicated Server account need to be seperated with Client Account , thank you .

  7. I like automation games – I sure as fuck wouldn't have bought this if it was never released on Steam (fuck Epic deals, scams for a shitty platform)
    Dedicated servers is huge too. It won't fix the online issues, no one is arguing this. It's more about just being able to play when my friend goes offline with a dedicated computer or VPS. The current multiplayer is (just barely) good enough, but not going into the complexity of a server software before it's fixed more makes sense.

  8. steamworks API will allow you to generate keys for your existing users. so i cannot see why you wont be able to give us a copy on steam if we own one on epic games. … unless of course you have some deal with epic,

  9. I love your game. But the power situation is horrible because it just goes out all the time at least for me. But for now I got the coal going so its now at over 900 mw. I am trying for 1k or more. I want to be able to take my time and not place builds down. I want to know I will have the power for it.

  10. Regardless of the exclusivity deal, the team should've designed a cross platform and cross game store solution for the long run. Dedicated servers should've been there from the start because now a lot of refactoring might be needed to support cross play. Not sure how much of this is true, but it seems the game was always designed with simply a single store in mind and this is not really an example of scalable design. And, nevertheless, dedicated servers are always a nice thing to have. Just like your very own game you should plan and design for the future.

  11. You guys need to get your shit together and get it on Steam. You’re either lying that it’s coming to Steam OR you have an exclusivity agreement with EPIC that wasn’t even close to being done when you said you’d come to Steam.

  12. Crossplay between epic and steam should be possible, if your going to restrict this game from dedicated local hosted servers I will not buy. Cloud games are trash and will eventually fade, Remember GAMESPY, dont be gamespy

  13. For a dev that broke out on steam with Goat Simulator, it's kind of scummy to go for the Epic deal in the first place. Until the game isn't on steam there will be people who will never buy it. Fuck Epic Games and Fuck their shitty store.

  14. Servers would probably fix a lot of the multiplayer syncing issues. Amazes me a simple premise is still lacking in this games development. I mean your using the Unreal engine so I don't see why they are not even a thing yet?

  15. I love these guys and have logged hundreds of hours on Satisfactory but oh my goodness…they could title every 'update' video "We dont know for sure"

  16. I've wanted to play this game for MONTHS now. It's been at the tippy top of my wishlist from the first let's play I watched. But I need a new PC, and I really really really want to buy it via Steam. I look forward to giving you my money. You guys made something beautiful and fascinating, and I want IN.

  17. Good on you for supporting yourselves with Epic's money. Everybody's got to eat. But on the topic of Epic, I wonder when Tim's going to realize that he's not messing with kids here? He's seriously delusional if he believes he can "force" anyone to use his launcher. I had no problem with another launcher. I had no issues with Epic in particular. That was until he started poaching crowd funded games. Dirty business. I will never have EGS on my pc.

  18. Finally I can buy Satisfactory, i wanted it from day 1 of it's release, but didn't fell like givieng all may data to the Chinese government, now finally it is on Steam, so F you Epic games

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