Space Enginers – DEDICATED SERVER SETUP (2020)

I provide a guide on how to set up a dedicated Space Engineers server on your own PC using the Torch community server.

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23 thoughts on “Space Enginers – DEDICATED SERVER SETUP (2020)

  1. For the windows defender message. If it is software that is reputable, it is safe to click run like community software like this. The defender message is called a smart screen and what that is you need to get a special cert for software to confirm who you say you are and its not cheap as you have to maintain it a yearly cost and provide docs and stuff like that. So its just telling you someone did not do this and it cannot verify the dev is who they are. In community software this is normal. Always make sure you download community software from the community site it came from never download these from some other sites as you have no way to see it came from them.

    In other words just stick with the makers website and you be fine 🙂 To be clear, what she is showing you is fine 🙂 Just a little side know of what you saw in the start of the video.

  2. what is the advantages to use torch instead just normal dedicated server from steam ? I will just play with 2 friends of mine using Weapon Core mod (that is a mod that needs to be in a dedicated server) .

  3. so if you want to run the server 247 you have to let your pc turned on, which is not great. but is it possible to run the dedi server on a Windows Server?

  4. Excellent video – Extermely well put together, explanations clear and concise. Wish all instructional videos were as good as this 😉

  5. Hello, I've followed every step of this video multiple times but I cant seem to get it to work. I just want to make a server for me and my 1 friend because he has bad wifi and being on a server instead of host to host should be less lag. I have an at&t router and went to there website that showed me how to port forward on my router and I did what you did. I dont see anything that I'm doing wrong but my friend cant join at all. I can see my server on the local tab of the browser so that makes me thing that I did the port forwarding wrong. But I followed the video and the at&t site and everything is done correctly. Any help would be awesome, thanks!

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