Should You Learn C++ in 2021?

I eventually found out Golang is king in 2021.
So much so I created a channel for it lol –

Today, with the hope of helping you decide whether you should learn C++ on 2021, I will talk about the pros and cons of learning C++, along with the circumstances that you will encounter during the process of learning, and the things you should consider that will affect your future career development as an aspiring C++ developer.

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Up until now, research says that C++ is one of the toughest programming languages to learn and to master— and I agree with that. Basically, C++ requires you to exert memory management, together with learning the usual data structures and algorithms.

If becoming a C++ developer is at the top of your list, this one is certainly made for you. In this video, I will share with you the pros and cons that you need to consider before deciding whether you should learn C++ in 2021 or not. I will also talk about what to expect as a beginner in terms of career opportunities waiting at the end of the line, as well as the compensation.

To be honest, my learning experience with C++ is not the best that I’ve had. However, it doesn’t have to be the same for you. And by knowing in advances what learning C++ means, both as a student of the language and in terms of your future career development, you can stay well informed before making a decision that can potential affect the coming decades of your life. Making such a decision without proper research isn’t the most productive thing we can do. And as we all know, this channel is all about increasing your productivity score as a programmer.

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20 thoughts on “Should You Learn C++ in 2021?

  1. I’ve been programming on C++ for over 5 years now, started with C, god bless those days and forgive my sins… So, just recently I started teaching students C++. Now I started to understand how overcomplicated C++ is, there are so many things to learn about. It’s both terrifying and oddly satisfying for me to realize how much time does it take to really know C++.

  2. Should you learn C++ in 2016 ? YES
    Should you learn C++ in 2017 ? YES
    Should you learn C++ in 2018 ? YES
    Should you learn C++ in 2019 ? YES
    Should you learn C++ in 2020 ? YES
    Should you learn C++ in 2021 ? YES
    Should you learn C++ in 2022 ? YES
    Should you learn C++ in 2023 ? YES

  3. – "it is good to learn c++ as newbie to understand how memory or computer works"
    my question is that right if not what is the alternative ? thx Sir 😁

  4. C++ is easy when you work with the language 8 hours/day for least 2 years. You have 4 years experience people who interview you know less about C++ than you do. The language is actually very slow moving compared to other languages.

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