Should You Buy Modern JavaScript From The Beginning By Brad Traversy ? A Udemy Course Review in 2020

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In this I review Modern JavaScript From The Beginning by Brad Traversy . This is a JavaScript course from Traversy Media. This Udemy course review will determine if you should buy the course or not! #udemy #udemyreview

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0:00 Introduction
1:36 What The Course Covers
3:06 Section Overviews
4:31 Project Overview
6:08 Section Overview 2 – 8
9:25 Section 8-9 Projects API Github
10:08 Section 10 – 13 JavaScript Patterns

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21 thoughts on “Should You Buy Modern JavaScript From The Beginning By Brad Traversy ? A Udemy Course Review in 2020

  1. is it possible to get a web development job with projects like these? they seem like they are irrelevant in some way, especially if i’m pursuing web development? please correct me if i’m wrong.

    also, can you please review colt steel’s javascript course!

  2. Yh
    This is a good one and he is great at what he does. Sincerely speaking the price for the course is too high.
    People like me living in an underdeveloped country can't purchase it. Why can't online courses be affordable for everyone who needs it?

  3. Brad Traversy, Program with Erik, TheNet Ninja, Academind, Web Dev Simplified , and so many others..
    They all made me the programmer I'm right now.

  4. Only complain I had on his courses, took several on Udemy, is that he never answer to student questions, cry for help etc. Unlike some other tutors on Udemy who hire additional staff for answering students. Apart from that I learned really alot from Brad from his Youtube channel and Udemy courses. But my favorite tutors are Mosh Hammedani and Maximilian Schwarzmuller 😁

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