Should Freelance Web Developer Handle Hosting

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Should web developers and designers who are freelancing handle the hosting for the client? Many times it is yes. But other times, you may not have to.

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28 thoughts on “Should Freelance Web Developer Handle Hosting

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  2. Hey Stef, I’m new to web design. Just got my first client, unpaid to start a portfolio, but going to set them up with web hosting. Can I get your entrepreneur and freelancer courses if I have them sign up for web hosting through your sponsor?

  3. This talk about how to handle hosting was the only thing I felt was missing from your freelance course. You should definitely consider including a complete in-depth video on this topic in your freelance course.

  4. I still see the recent proposal from ICANN to lift the limit , the cap of the domain prices as a huge issue… because, even if you opt for not doing a mixed deal (as some friends do, have done per years, as in some world's regions, a small business owner don't even want to mess with dealing with the payments to a hosting and a domain name) of both having / paying / configuring the hosting, so, going for configuring all but making the client pay for it, as explained in the video, the issue is there, as small business are – maybe- going to be less eager to go this way, maybe just go back to having only the facebook page (many do so already), instagram page (idem), youtube, twitter and maybe even pinterest. But that's stuff that, – while they could (rarely) hire a social media person for it – leave the web developer a bit out of the equation. I mean, if is really what some predict to happen not only to .org sites, but also .com and etc, that a domain can get (from the usual current 10$) not just tens of times more expensive, but even hundreds, like costing 1k bucks or more… I can see many small business just be done with their FB page until they see them selves as a medium size business (and IMO, most never will, yet they're our main market). And that would be no good, imo. Also for indy projects, organizations, etc.

    Besides this, even just for the portfolio site… In my artist side (in which am focused, have temporarily parked web dev, actually, as brings more freelancing money for me, while is better business the web dev, but am way more experienced in the other, it's only due to that) no biggie, as now Artstation and some other ready-made porfolio sites are kindda enough for an illustrator. But for a more general professional (ie, web development, etc… even graphic design when you want to reach other legs of large businesses, not just ppl into pretty digital paints or game companies looking for concept artists) seeing a domain become prohibitively expensive looks to me as a very big issue. Even for the web professional willing just to have it for training and trying things and stuff.

    Besides, if is what a bunch of people is saying, seems quite an earthquake in the market itself, which can affect many things one way or another; would be interesting to know about the potential implications or domino effects. My only hope is based in that it seems that gurus are not paying (or the ones I'm subscribed to, or blogs etc I read) much attention to it. The doubt is if is it because there's some unknown (by the general public) other factors, or simply they are just not aware, or not considering it.

    There are many sites commenting about this, but here's an article from The Register :

  5. Would it possible for you Stefan to upload your course on Udemy? I have already bought several courses with them. It is very convenient for me to have all my courses on one platform (hub) only. If one day you do so, please let me know. I can then purchase your course on Python and Web Dev. Anyway, really enjoy your videos, they have a calming effect on me. Cheers

  6. I think this one's my question. LOL. Thanks for the answer, Stef. I also found a video of another freelance web developer where is solution is to sign up for hosting and domain name in behalf of the client and then giving them the credentials during or after the development. My takeaway from all this is that there are SOOOOO many ways to do it. So many that I shouldn't really be worried about applying any of them.

  7. this is my biggest problem; when I offer someone to make them a website for FREE so that I can gain experience and add it to my stash portfolio.
    they assume the domain and hosting will also be FREE… XD

  8. Use Softaculous which installs platform images on cPanel. It's included with good shared hosting plans such as InMotion. I've been using InMotion since 2015 and consider them the best hosting. But then I learned how to build my own Plesk and cPanel servers that are highly available and scalable on AWS. Plesk is the best for Managed WordPress.

  9. Thanks Stefan, very useful tips. As a freelance web developer, I buy a big host for most of my HTML5, WordPress, Magento projects. So I charge my client a flat fee for web design, domain name and hosting as one.

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