Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting: the unspoken TRUTH revealed 🔥

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Are you new to WordPress and feel confused with which hosting to go? Follow our shared vs managed WordPress hosting comparison to where we’ll unravel all of the details about each hosting, making sure you make the right choice.

Are you wondering to go with the shared hosting, because it’s cheap? Do you doubt if managed hosting is really worth it? Here is exactly what we’ll let you know in our shared vs managed hosting guide:

00:00 ✅ Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting
00:58 ✅ What is shared hosting and what is managed hosting?
01:39 ✅ How to choose the right service?
02:45 ✅ What’s the trouble with the shared hostings?
04:06 ✅ The advantages of managed wordpress hosting
05:36 ✅ The main disadvantage of managed wordpress hostings
06:08 ✅ The best managed wordpress hosting: 10Web

Shared hosting is pretty much like a cheap hostel for your website: most people choose it simply because of its price. But as we’ve shown, you need to sacrifice a lot if you end up using the shared hosting: low speed, bad neighbour effect, poor security and lots of other issues come along with their hosting package.

With the managed WordPress hosting, it’s completely the opposite. Your website is sure to have:

🚀High Speed
🔒Strong Security
❣️24/7 Support
✔️Good Backup system

And a bunch of other perks (such as useful plugins or easy to manage dashboard) that you’d never get with the shared hosting. However, as our shared vs managed WordPress hosting comparison has shown, people usually avoid managed hosting because of its pricing.

That’s no longer the case. Meet our winner: 10Web. 10Web puts an end to the shared hosting era as it provides all of the benefits of the managed hosting with the price of the shared one.

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