Setting up a Dedicated Server for a Multiplayer Game in Unity

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In this video, we’ll set up a dedicated server on AWS for our multiplayer game built with Unity and Mirror.


33 thoughts on “Setting up a Dedicated Server for a Multiplayer Game in Unity

  1. Hi Shrine, great video! I was wondering: how does your build know to start as a server immediately after being executed. I saw that when you press play in your Unity editor, you are given options to be a host, server only, or client, and then you have to press on "client" to continue. How does your build method know specifically to build a server? In your BuildPlayerOptions, I don't see anything pertaining to that. Sorry if I missed something in the video that already explains this.

  2. Nice series, man. I always get this message when i try to run the server inside AWS:

    ERROR: Shader Sprites/Default shader is not supported on this GPU (none of subshaders/fallbacks are suitable)

    Do you know some way to get this working?

  3. Very usefull video but I cannot understand how you run only the server ?
    Please, can you send a link on a tutorial or something like that because I haven't found it..

  4. Great tutorial! I'm having a problem though. When I run the server through AWS, I can see that the server is running properly, but I'm not able to connect. To troubleshoot, I built a Windows server and ran it locally through my own computer, but I still can't connect. I've tried using KCP and Telepathy, but neither have given me success. Any ideas?

  5. Hi! thanks for making this tut. I am having an issue running my unity game. every time I try I get this error: no boot config – using default values. I'm confused because the I have a boot.config file in the folder that I am trying to run my game from

  6. if anyone runs into "error building player because build target was unsupported" make sure you have the linux build support module installed on your unity version. Unity hub -> installs -> your unity version (click 3 dots) -> add modules -> linux build support.

  7. Hi, great tutorial ! Just wanted to know, when you built your dedicated server, there is litterally no code on it right ? Does the server commands and rpcs are still on the clients like the syncvar and all that stuff ? I'm kinda confused on how this is a dedicated server if there is no logic on the server itself :O Thanks !

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  9. So does one dedicated server equal one environment for a group of players to have a game in? Meaning you'd have to setup one server per possible match of players? Or is there a way to have multiple separate matches occurring at once on a server? Thanks for the video!

  10. Refer to GeoEngel and Bilal Mirza posts;

    I have created a second project to see if I could get a "fresh start"/build the first time using the TelepathyTransport component while building the server, uploaded, unzipped and executed the command and still not getting the server started or listening prompts. I am stuck. Any tips or insights would be greatly appreciated.

    Again, screenshots and more details of my steps are in the Shrine Discord.

    Thank you

  11. I've done everything… im getting the problem at the end… when I run ./server.x86_64 it works… but says KcpTranport Initialized and it doesn't say anything about listening to port 7777 …. What should i do, I'm stuck

  12. Hey man, I have a doubt. I made an fps multiplayer game from Brackey's Unet multiplayer tutorials. But instead of Unet, I used Mirror. Everything worked perfectly. How Can I set up a dedicated server for that? I haven't installed Git(but I can if I need to). Can I just make an Amazon EC2 server and upload the server there? I'm a little bit confused

  13. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm fairly new with using Unity for multiplayer games. If I understand correctly you just builded a Server version of the game from the last video and then put it into a server so you can connect to it locally and it will host the game for you. I get this part, but what's a bit foggy for me is that normally when the game starts you have the option to choose which role you want to take (Only server, Host, Only Cliant). Does Mirror deal with this, and when the game is in a server build it will automatically choose the only server option for you, or did you had to make some changes to achieve this?

  14. Every time I try and create an Instance in Lightsail it gives me this error :

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    There might be a problem.

    It looks like you aren't authorized.

    If you're signed in as an IAM user, ask your administrator to create a permissions policy that grants access to Amazon Lightsail resources and related AWS services.

    Learn more about required permissions.


    Can anyone help me?

  15. I'll just run it in my virtual machine for the time being. When I think my game is good enough, I'll deploy to remote server. will you be using any gamelift services which could cause me trouble while following your lessons?

  16. So far the best series I've found for multiplayer networking in Unity, stoked to see more!

    Also a quick heads up for anyone running into issues connecting the client to the aws server, if you're getting to the point where you see the "Server started!" message but not the "server: listening port=7777" message when running Server.x86_64, check your NetworkManager is using a Telepathy Transport rather than a KCP transport under the Network Manager Script's Network Info Transport field. Seemed to fix it for me.

  17. Hey dude – Thanks for the AWESOME videos about networking. An idea for a video, could be to both demonstrate and explain Client Authorative behaviour, and Server Authorative behaviour with mirror 😀 Keep up the good work!

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