Self-hosting WCF Services | Pluralsight

Learn how to host WCF services in your own applications. You’ll see how to create and manage a ServiceHost instance for self-hosting a WCF service within a console application.

Self-hosting WCF Services |

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Self-hosting WCF Services | Pluralsight

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11 thoughts on “Self-hosting WCF Services | Pluralsight

  1. Is it possible to communicate with a WCF Duplex service from a WPF windows application? I just want to send data to the service for it to update its duplex clients. Please help.

  2. when you start solution in first time you get tcp error ! at 7:19
    why you skip it ?
    you fix that error and don't show how !
    i get that error always
    what i need to do for fixint that ?

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