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rFactor 2 multiplayer and in particular a dedicated server setup is something I’d been planning to look at for a while. Once I started to investigate it proper I found some good information however it was largely text based and repeated in several posts on both the Studio 397 Forums and on Steam. So my aim here was to try and create a single resource which would contain all the relevant information in a clear and concise format. And which I hope I have accomplished. If you find it useful I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider subscribing to the channel, or at least for those of you who are not already. And add a like as well, again if you found it useful, and I would appreciate any comments or questions you might have below. Or at least this was one of the more complex tutorials I’ve attempted to I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on the topic 😉

Get rFactor 2 on Steam | https://store.steampowered.com/app/365960/rFactor_2/

Links and commands referenced in the tutorial:
1. Download Installer: http://media.steampowered.com/installer/steamcmd.zip

2. Download Command: steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir ../rFactor2-Dedicated +app_update 400300 +quit

3. Server Shortcut link: C:Racingrfactor2-dedicatedBin64rFactor2 Dedicated.exe” +path=”..”
[NOTE only copy +path=”..” at the end of the string if your application installation path is different]

4. Download content command: steamcmd.exe +login USERNAME PASSWORD +workshop_download_item 365960 505225177 +quit

Router ports for port forwarding:
UDP 54297
UDP 64298
UDP 64299
TCP 54297
TCP 64297

00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – 1. Setting up your router and port forwarding
05:47 – 2. Downloading the dedicated server installer and setting it up
11:42 – 3. Downloading car and track content for the dedicated server using the command line
21:15 – 4. Installing content downloaded using the command line method
22:55 – 5. Creating a race event for the dedicated server
39:10 – 6. Using content from Steam in the dedicated server
45:01 – 7. Using rFactor 2 on Steam dedicated server

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18 thoughts on “rFactor 2 | Dedicated Server Tutorial

  1. Hello Davy. It's very usefull manual video, step by step. It help me for re-launch rF2 server after months without races. Huh. My respect for you job in our race community!

  2. I'm trying to run my steam client on the same PC as my dedicated server. I've got everything set up, forwarded my ports and the server is running. When I launch my Steam personal rFactor I keep getting this error. r6025 WebUI conflict

    This is an amazing tutorial THANK YOU

  3. I modified my "download workshop" script so that I don't have to keep editing the file; instead it prompts for a workshop id:
    set /p Input=Enter a workshop ID:

    steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +workshop_download_item 365960 %Input% +quit


  4. Davy – thanks for this exhaustive video…i followed it painstakingly…and got both a dedicated server and the steam server running….but..your steam has a different UI to the latest one….and there appears no way of actually joining the RF2 server from the same PC as i set up the server on……….is there a work around to this that does not involve buying a second PC ?

  5. Davy thanks so much for this. Combining this with some other research, I have successfully been able to simulate a full BTCC season vs ai. With custom liveries, talent files, success ballast and reverse grids!

  6. Thank you so much for this video. Its the most comprehensive guide I've seen and has now resulted in me really understanding how to run a dedicated server after really struggling to get my head around it. Great work.

  7. Thanks for the very detailed tutorial m8.. Not there yet.. You said in the beginning to install the dedicated server app into the same drive as windows. My rf2 universe is all in D and windows is in C. I dont want to move either if I dont have to but things arent working and wondering if thats contributing.

    The server app is now not even opening saying my PC cant open.. Any help is *greatly appreciated. Taking actual days at this point..

    For reference I have gotten my ports in order and have been able to open a lobby.The issue comes from 1. my friend not being able to join and 2. the list of tracks and cars in the launch dialogue seem only to be combos I've driven in multiplayer and do not represent my inventory. Posted fixes have not worked. Im concerned it's the two different drives, but a lot of the other steps have also presented roadblocks so..

  8. Hey man, I love your videos, you've helped me a lot lately. I have bought T300RS GT set a month ago and I jumped straight into Assetto Corsa. And I love it, even though it was intimidating at first. So many options and mods… But there I found your videos which is perfecrt!

    I wanted to ask you about your force feedback settings in Assetto Corsa specifically. Since I'm new to this and I have no experience racing in real world (only drive a normal road car) I don't quite know what to look for to find clues for the car going under or oversteering. That is my biggest issue so far. I was looking at various source, like:
    And I tried several different settings but still I am not certtain if one is better (for me at least) over the other. I really can't tell. Also I find that some people recommend using LUT and/or FFBClip while others say that after they tried it, force feedback got dull. So I don't know what to look for and who to believe anymore 😀
    But seriously, it would be awesome if you could share some settings and maybe make a video for beginners outlining what to look for in audio/visual and also in force feedback when the car under or oversteer. I was looking at many videos but all they explain is to how to counter them in real life. So this kind of video would be quite unique for YouTube.
    Thank you very much and all the best for you! : 3

  9. Great video well done and many thanks. For the vast majority the last section is perfect for quick up and running. But the main information for the dedicated system is brilliant. Top man

  10. Thank you for doing this. I am running everything on one PC. I got this working once. But now see the game running once I fire up the DS. I will try your launcher trick and also double check my IP. Set it to static. That might do the trick 👍🏻

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