Restaurant Servers Reveal What They Hate About Their Jobs #WhatIHate

To help improve working conditions for all, we’ve been polling the American people and asking them to share what they hate about their job. We started with nurses and now we hear from restaurant servers. This is just a small fraction of the responses we received.

The next group up is teachers! We want to know the funny things you dislike about being a teacher. Record yourself complaining about your job and post it using #WhatIHate in your title so we can find it. Be on the lookout for a message from us in your YouTube account too.

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25 thoughts on “Restaurant Servers Reveal What They Hate About Their Jobs #WhatIHate

  1. Reading comments like: If they pay their waiters minimum wage, a burger would cost around 20$.
    Bruh, I live in Germany and a burger at a middle class restaurant maybe costs 10$, with fries.
    Tipping is optional. How come it's not possible in America?

  2. Since we are now in Covid…maybe these “fragile glutten-free” people claiming they could die will learn how to cook! If I had to rely on someone else, especially a restraunt, as to me being sick, or even dying, I’m certain I’d eat at home. Idiots these days!!! BTW, have you heard how many law suits came out of people claiming they ordered gluten free then faked their symtoms!

  3. Can't understand the concept of customers mandatoryily expected to pay tips, when the employer is skimming on the salary. Doesn't happen in India, though we pay service taxes on the bill

  4. Me: Hey how is everyone doing tonight? Customer: I'll have a pepsi.. no worries i always reply back saying "well i'm glad your all doing good!" with a big smile on my face 🙂

  5. I hate tables that make you run. Instead of asking for everything at once they have you grab things separately. I also hate when people ask what all we have on tap (I work at a taphouse bar and grill) instead of looking at our drink list

  6. The people in this video are really rude.. I've served tables before and have worked with whiny people like them and trust me they want big tips but don't fcking work! Lmao

  7. I like to leave a tip,one day l keep 2 dollars in my pocket.After l done accedently l pull 40 dollars left them as a tip without even looked at them it's my mistake.Later the wheeter following me and she said to me are you sure you want to leave this much money for us as a tip.l said to her yes l am.She thanks me and she left.

  8. I was a hostess. I hateeedd when someone asked to sit in a particular seat. Of course, if it’s the servers family or friends I would try but when people just want a seat next to the window I’m just like, why? You’re looking at a parking lot…

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