Ranking Hosting Providers for React Projects

I rank hosting providers on how good they are for deploying a React website. I cover both static and server side rendering.

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42 thoughts on “Ranking Hosting Providers for React Projects

  1. Yeah I would definitely like to see you do this again after actually trying all of them and make sure the service doesn’t have support the way you think. I feel you really missed the boat on some of them like firebase as others have said. Based on that I don’t think this video has the value you hoped for but definitely doesn’t have the value a lot of us viewers hoped for.

  2. The problem with Github pages is that their terms and conditions state “ GitHub Pages is not intended for or allowed to be used as a free web hosting service to run your online business, e-commerce site, or any other website that is primarily directed at either facilitating commercial transactions or providing commercial software as a service (SaaS).”

  3. If you haven't used something then make a category for US to research the service. That way you've brought it to our attention, which I thank you for.
    Also, maybe text for the services overlaid on it, or web address, you can also write it into the text of the video. Authors don't understand that sometimes we cannot understand certain nuances of the recorded sound. So that "now" hosting that was at the top at the end, can't google it because they used a very common word for their hosting. That's IF I understood the name you used. I heard "jeet Now" hosting.
    good job on your channel.

  4. It's pretty straightforward to deploy static site to azure. Just deploy one on an app service running windows. You'll get index.html served immediately using IIS. Just don't deploy nodeJS project on IIS. It's pretty terrible to configure. You have to configure it using web.config.

  5. I want to if I have a fullstack app and the front-end or react.js part is on netlify then who the fucker I am gonna connect to my back-end with axios to make api calls, if my server is in digital ocean…. how?

  6. Hey guys, if someone can help me, i am planning to create some projects that require server side rendering. These are personal projects and i am not expecting that much traffic. Should I go with buying VM or use heroku for free? 🤔🤔

  7. so when you say "deploy a react project" at 12:32, do you mean front end and backend (eg express server)? Or is this just focusing on the frontend? Im a bit confused as to what you mean by static site vs server side rendering

  8. Firebase is just Google's version of Amplify (only I think Firebase came first?) But they both offer the same solutions just on their respective clouds. Thanks for the video 😎

  9. Netlify is great and easy to use, but the pricing plan for just a static sites scared me away. I think it is because they provide out of the box a whole bunch of features that you might not even need.

  10. I would say firebase is like netlify. There is a cli tool, where you just run `firebase deploy` and your done (after configuring before). You can rollback automatically, you get ssl for free and the firebase/google cdn is strong

  11. Hi Ben,
    I enjoy all your other videos but not that,
    when I do ranking I go dollar for dollar and feature vs feature
    I do static web site since 2009 and separate them from the web APIs
    When It's come to Azure


    1. FREE 15GB bandwidth
    2. Static website plus CDN AHA!!!!
    2.1 Azure Verizon Premium FREE FIREWALL
    Do the others have that?

    Auth tokens

    and more… for FREE

    well Microsoft have 3 CDNs providers
    Verizon Premium – my favorite but I split with standard just Premium to use Firewall and other cool thinks
    Azure Microsoft CDN
    Azure Akamai CDN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is the only CDN provider who do dynamic gzip for files more than 8MB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALL THE REST Microsoft Verizon, AWS, Google they do gzip <8MB for me this is important
    some "BI" providers they do files more 8MB

    with Azure traffic manager you can do load balancing and Fail over
    I still never had case CDN to be down, AWS S3 I had for 5.5 hours…

    My static website are UP 100% but for 3.80 with Azure Traffic manage you can do fail Over

    I do AWS Front cloud as well but AWS has a lot hidden costs in the end and it is more expensive than Microsoft
    The other like cloudflare, and small guys they have constantly downtime

    Akamai with 158 edge locations are under the radar…in the ranks?
    Rackspace has Akamai as well
    Going to Akamai directly you should be enterprise client… they charge 0.54USD per GB, but the firewalls and edge location are !!!!!when you are in that level.

    with Azure 15GB Free bandwidth any small web static site is just FREE!!!!

    For WEB API's I can write more as well…

    Thank for the videos I learn a lot for react from you

  12. Is Zeit a good alternative if you need/want to host a database and/or caching service? Or would you consider that a different scope than what included in 'server-side react'?

  13. One thing to note is that Netlify does not support Brotli compression something kinda important and good for static websites and Now.sh supports Brotli

    Also in Netlify its much easier to set up Header cache rules when you use Gatsby.js which is a real pain when using Now.sh

  14. Cool drag and drop effect man. I reckon if you can set up a vote for this, it would be interesting to see what everyone is thinking about the best hosting solution. In my opinion, I have been using amplify for ages now and I believe it is super awesome with many magical tools including hosting. You can host it automatically with CI/CD from amplify or you can manually deploy using CLI. The initial set up through CLI might deter people; however, it is quite straight forward if you have done it a couple of time. Overall, I vote it to be A+ or even S.

  15. Firebase is A tier if github pages there. Very easy to setup and if you're deploying a SPA you don't have to add a redirects file like in Netlify

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