Public Servers in GTA RP be like..

A recent compilation of how kids in public servers, ruin this game.
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26 thoughts on “Public Servers in GTA RP be like..

  1. The idiot kid:The type of kid who tries role play as a better role that never exists, using a highly fast vehicle, messing up role plays, using a role the wrong way, random killing, swearing every single second, hitting other players and there vehicles like they think there owning them, always crashing, and making up shit to impress or scare grown men and women,

    The Smart kid: uses an appropriate role, uses a perfect vehicle for the role there using, normally roleplaying like there supposed to,

  2. I play in a pub server, but the big difference is they don't tolerate all this Fail RP, like there was this 1 kid bossing everyone around in a sports car and he got kicked 30 minutes after joining the server

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