PODCAST HOSTING sites – Should you use FREE ones in 2021??

Podcast Hosting sites! – Should you use FREE options in 2021? Here’s my honest thoughts…as well as pros and cons of Libsyn, Buzzsprout, Podbean, Redcircle, and MORE…

Looking for my review on Anchor.fm? Check that here: https://youtu.be/bNw-nsjmE-o

FEBRUARY 2021 UPDATE: I recently moved my podcast to Buzzsprout! 🎥 Switching podcast HOSTS (EZ-Mode tutorial with Buzzsprout): https://youtu.be/WXDYljeHkyk

I still 100% stand by the recommendations in this video, I just consider it part of my job to try these different tools out (spoiler alert: I’m actually thrilled with Buzzsprout so far)

Just starting your podcast? Check this out… 🎥 How to Start a Podcast (a SIMPLE & COMPLETE tutorial): https://youtu.be/tJJaG6IyX5k

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👉 Here’s the podcast hosting Airtable base: https://bit.ly/3dFb3Jf
👉 Redcircle: https://redcircle.com/
👉 Buzzsprout: https://dyeb.link/buzzsprout
👉 Podbean: http://bit.ly/2THXJLA

0:00 Intro
0:25 Podcast host Pricing
1:22 Podbean
2:43 Libsyn
3:39 Buzzsprout
5:00 Redcircle (MY recommendation!)
7:41 Captivate.fm
8:28 Transistor.fm
9:32 Simplecast
10:25 My OFFICIAL recommendation and reasons why
11:25 Runner Up hosting 🙂

🎥 My complete Descript Tutorial for podcasters: https://youtu.be/O4eB22ktnQU
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🎥 How to Start a Podcast (IN 21 MINUTES for $0): https://youtu.be/cxE_DVglZy4
🎥 Podcasting Equipment For BEGINNERS – The best (and affordable) tools! https://youtu.be/TM_arTO0iEI
🎥 Inside my PODCAST SOFTWARE Workflow: https://youtu.be/4sCyz4jD5rc
🎥 46 PODCAST SPONSORSHIP tips in 13 minutes: https://youtu.be/c39aIZHOrS0

🔨 Siteground for Hosting: HTTP://bit.ly/38qe3G8
🔨 Podia for Online Courses: HTTP://bit.ly/2PPoxsx
🔨 KW Finder for SEO: HTTP://bit.ly/38lkBG5
🔨 ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing: HTTP://bit.ly/2Tq8fbv
🔨 More here: https://doyouevenblog.com/blogging-tools/

🔨 Buzzsprout for Hosting: https://bit.ly/3lKkviR
🔨 Squadcast: HTTP://bit.ly/2TA7Jqo
🔨 ATR2100 microphone: https://amzn.to/2TDMu77
🔨 Rode PodMic: https://amzn.to/3atNFN9


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43 thoughts on “PODCAST HOSTING sites – Should you use FREE ones in 2021??

  1. Outstanding video Pete. Thanks so much. Question: I've currently got 256 episodes on Podbean. They've been great. But if I wanted to migrate to a different host, what happens with my files on Podbean's servers? Do they get moved to Red Circle's servers? Do I have to re-upload those old episodes to RC's servers? And what about the old stats? When you migrate are they lost? Any other things one needs to know when migrating?

  2. Thanks Man!!…After weeks of research, you helped bring it to Red Circle…I had it narrowed down to Podbean, Spreaker and Red Circle…Your reasoning was right on target to what I needed to hear…Rock On!

  3. Hey man, great video! out of those recommendations, which one is best for monetization? Love the sound of RedCircle, but are you likely to make less money from them compared to Buzzsprout, considering Redcircle take a percentage? I am only a start-up looking to grow. Cheers!

  4. Hey Pete, Just wondering about whether or not you have had any experience with Pinecast? I was set on using them but am intrigued by red circle. Just checking if you are anyone else here have any feelings about the pros and cons of Pinecast in relation to the hosts you profiled? Thanks for all the content!

  5. Don't know if you are still responding commments but my podcast is in spanish, do you think Red Circle would be a good choice for me? Don't know if they do other lenguages

  6. Hi Pete,
    This review is absolutely amazing and helpful!
    Thank you very much for this, you are a star!

    The only question, that stands out (at least for me) is this still applicable in 2021?

    All the best,

  7. I want to create a pod cast of my life for my family. Roughly 15 minute episodes once a week. Is there a way I can have a private podcast with each member of my family having to pay a fee to hear them?

  8. Forgive the newbie question, we have multiple shows on youtube we want available as podcast but would like to keep them as separate playlists on podcast players. I assume Redcircle has that capability based on you having 2 shoes on there but wanted to verify and see if I am missing anything. Thank you so much for this video it is extremely helpful!

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