Playing In A Private Server With Active Members Part 1 | Anime Battle Arena

hi like sub and join discord

thx cupy and toidn for thumbnail!

intro song:
outro song:

Music Used:

Bleach – Clavar La Espada (Trap Remix) | [Musicality Remix]

Night of Nights (Flowering nights remix) By COOL&CREATE/BeatMARIO

Dragon Ball Super Opening 2 Remix – Limit-Break x Survivor | Hip Hop/Trap | @MusicalityBeats

One Piece Remix – Overtaken / The Very Very Strongest | Hip Hop/Trap | (Musicality Remix)

Bleach – La Distancia Para Un Duelo (Trap Remix) | [Musicality Remix]

Demon Slayer – Gurenge (Trap Remix) feat. mellowthemanic | (Musicality Remix)

Naruto Main Theme (Trap Remix) | [Musicality Remix]

34 thoughts on “Playing In A Private Server With Active Members Part 1 | Anime Battle Arena

  1. Legit gets an ad for the ENG dub of Mugen Train, I honestly thought it was a trailer for S2 but as soon as I heard English voices I chucked my phone across the room in pain 😭😭

  2. Had a idea for a video. 4v4s but they are 1v1s if that makes any sense. Four people use the same character and you can only use the first move and your friend can only use second move. Hope i made sense

  3. have you ever done a video on getting the gold skin for every character? Think that should take a long time with how many characters there are. Also, you can get better with those characters for future videos. Like start from ts fluffy end with kiri think that would be entertaining

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