PHP vs. Python – My Take…

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In this video we are going to talk about PHP and Python and some of the differences in use, popularity, learning curve, frameworks and so on.

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40 thoughts on “PHP vs. Python – My Take…

  1. The term Spaghetti Code was around LOOONG before PHP was a thing. and yes, it can work well on command-line for scripting. some of your arguments are horrible.

  2. PHP can be very messy for early learners. I just wrapped up a major refactor to clean up some old PHP code. Took 8 repeated files & turned it into an API to handle the differences. Funny part is, the refactor is probably just as difficult to understand as it was before, just because of the mere fact that an API isn’t the easiest thing to work with when written with controllers & models to make it more modular and more easily expandable using more classes or input adjustments. It also added in better security and validation, which further added to the complication. The organization and structure of the code is much cleaner, however, and easier to follow along with — it’s also well documented this time on how it all works and how to expand on it, this is very important!

    As for Python, I’ve only worked with shell scripts, which is as close to Python as I’ve gotten. This video had me intrigued to see if python was worth contemplating using for more projects. Not seeing anything i’m working on atm that python would work better for.

  3. Im a beginner and i try to learn laravel and django. Django man is for me as a beginner not so clean compare to laravel although my fav programming languange is python. I noticed that laravel has a very very clean and understandable syntax compare to django even though a i invest more time on it.

  4. I think these days, the days of PHP 7, saying that PHP is bad or ugly is just naive. PHP went to great direction and is now a very mature language. Along with extra tools, namingly linters, you can produce beautiful code with PHP.

  5. many does not know it, but php is very capable at machine learning. actually php's machine learning libraries equally performed with python's ml. with php having jit, i expect php to surpass python at machine learning.

    here is a good machine learning library for php

  6. Python is better for everything that PHP isn't good at…which is literally everything besides wordpress. But on a serious note, if you are a freelancer, learn PHP and wordpress, you will get more jobs than any other language.

  7. I started my career in Java, then jumped to Python, then jumped to Ruby, then jumped to NodeJS. When I was introduced to PHP, I almost puked. Some here say it is faster than the aforementioned languages, but what are your metrics? All these languages get transcompiled to c++ or c. If you have a performance issue with any of them, it's not the language, it is something in your design.

  8. A side note, PHP was intended for web development, however, there's a less known tool… the php-cli in which it can be used as command line tool much in the same ways as pearl did and I guess… python aswell, not sure how that would go…

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