11 thoughts on “PHP – $SESSION Variables

  1. Dear Eli the computer Guy, I am one of your big fan and subscriber. I have a question! what happens if someone disables all inbound rules in a windows 10 machine? I searched this on Google but I did not find a good answer for. Thank you

  2. I stumbled across your channel today and appreciated the info and how it was presented. Then browsed to your YT home page and scrolled the very long list of videos that seem to go back when YT was started. I kept scrolling but have not reached the end yet. I'm curious if you ever added up all the time you have in this recorded material or counted just how many videos you have loaded? Impressive collection and dedication.

  3. Hello Eli can you please explain the new Cisco certifications. I want to get the CCT to start my career in Networking. I'm still a little confused on how to take this test. For example how many test do i take before i'm CCT certified. I wanted to get the CCENT Exam done but it looks like its replaced with CCT Exam now. Thank Eli

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