PHP For Absolute Beginners | 6.5 Hour Course

This course is for absolute beginners and will give you a great kickstart to learning PHP.
We’ll first talk about what PHP is and why we should learn it, then we will setup a working environment and start coding

This video covers all the basics:

– How to declare Variables
– How to work with strings, Arrays
– How to work with file System
– How to use cURL to fetch resources
– Object Oriented PHP
– Namespaces
– Composer
– Autoloading
and much more…

At the end of this course we will create a CRUD (CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE) application 3 times. First, we will create it as beginner and see what PHP code looks like without best practices, then we will refactor our application and make it more optimal. We will learn how to use composer, autoloading and we’ll create a mini MVC framework with custom routing and then build the final version of our CRUD application using the framework

Initial Source files:
Final Source files:

The Codeholic YouTube Channel:

Official Docs:
Numbers –
Strings –
Arrays –
File System –

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:02:45 – Course Overview
00:06:19 – What is PHP and why you should learn it?
00:09:02 – Setup working environment
00:22:45 – PHP Syntax
00:25:50 – Comments
00:26:58 – Variables
00:35:45 – Numbers
00:47:53 – Strings
01:01:07 – Arrays
01:14:09 – Associative Arrays
01:21:44 – Conditionals (If-else, switch)
01:30:59 – Loops
01:38:22 – Functions
01:45:43 – Dates
01:50:36 – Including files
01:58:43 – Working with File System
02:08:01 – OOP
02:25:46 – cURL
02:33:53 – Start working on Products CRUD (bad version)
02:42:05 – Setup connection to database
02:45:36 – Select & display products from MySql
02:52:28 – Products CRUD: Creating Product functionality
02:56:50 – $_GET & $_POST
03:04:04 – Save data in MySql
03:13:45 – Form Validation
03:21:10 – Uploading Image
03:39:37 – Delete Product
03:46:01 – Update Product
03:58:22 – Product Search
04:02:24 – Improve Products CRUD: Code refactoring
04:38:30 – Namespaces & Autoloading with composer
04:49:10 – Install packages using composer
04:53:10 – MVC Framework with Custom Routing
04:56:15 – MVC Controllers
05:13:10 – MVC Views
05:31:25 – MVC Models
06:02:13 – Setup Apache Virtual Hosts
06:11:07 – Sessions
06:20:55 – Cookies

20 thoughts on “PHP For Absolute Beginners | 6.5 Hour Course

  1. This is the channel which inspired me in creating my own YouTube channel. It is an absolute honor creating content for TraversyMedia.
    Huge Thanks to Brad for that opportunity.

  2. first half is okay i guess but then it's getting worse and worse. jumps wildly between files and explains only the bare essentials, if at all. very hard to follow if you want to deviate/change things even a little. By far the most 'not for me' tutorial I've seen on this channel. nonetheless thanks for your effort, some principles are at least a bit more clear to me.

  3. I'm having an issue with uploading images. The image source path shows correctly with the random 8 characters, and inspecting the elements with images shows that the path is there.

    However, I keep getting these errors:

    Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied
    Warning: move_uploaded_file(images/KhqnrHx0/image.png): failed to open stream
    Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/opt/lampp/temp/phpmYtqa7' to 'image.png'

    Anyone able to resolve this?

  4. Just finished the course. The idea to make it for beginners is very nice and Zura is obviously a pro at this stuff. Just one advice – if you are doing course for beginners – DO NOT CUT AND PASTE pieces of code. Let your course will be half an hour longer, but please, just type everything. Time saving and shortcuts are for professionals, but for beginner it's much easier to understand process when it's presented and explained step by step. Otherwise – nice course and obviously we just barely scratched the surface. Thank you!

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