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Perl is one of the most popular open source interpreted programming languages with a huge number of programmers, libraries and resources.
Programmers are using Perl from decades because of its extensive libraries, consistently fast performance, high reliability and ease of use.
It provides powerful libraries for data manipulation, data transformation and data analysis.

This video covers the following topics :

1.Meet the PERL
2.Basics of PERL
3.Run a PERL Script
4.List the Different data Types in PERL
5.Define Indentation and Understand String formatting
6.List various built-in Functions
7.What is Perl
8.Benefits of PERL
9.About PERL
10.Why Perl
11.History of PERL
12.PERL Installation
13.Write a First Program in PERL
14.Data Types/variables
16.Working with Array
17.Hash(Associative Array)
18.Working with Hash
19.Difference Between Array & Hash
20.Operators IN PERL
21.Operator Precedence and Associativity
22.grab the input from user
23.Context in PERL
24.Scalar Functions – Substr
35.Scalar Functions – chomp/chop
36.Difference between chomp and chop
37.Functions in PERL
38.Array Functions – Stack Functions
39.Array Functions – Splice
41.Devops as the Solution
42.Benifits of Perl
43.Uses of Perl
44.Users and Perl Projects
45.Various use cases of Perl
46.Using Perl in Webscarping
47.Using Perl for Online adverising

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23 thoughts on “PERL Tutorial – 1 | PERL Tutorial for Beginners – 1 | Perl Scripting Language Tutorial | Edureka

  1. Your script will still work if you omit the last semi colon within your script only on the last line in this video around 50:20 on line 6. And for your script to crash you were suppose to remove the ; (Semi colon) in line 4 and you will get your desired outcome.

  2. Please improve your communication skill specially when you are uploading video on internet. It is very difficult to understand. Content of the course was good but only issue with your English.

  3. The accent was a challenge to interpret, but generally a very useful lecture! Currently using this as a guide to complete my first programming language class project while writing Perl!

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