23 thoughts on “Operation Java Movie Review

  1. Malayalam cinemas these days one word "WOW" my top list for the recent ott
    1 :operation java
    2 :nayattu
    The main difference between other language and these films are only one thing you just notice the story of all these movies, wow completely different. "That is Malayalam cinema😍"

  2. Subtitles chara movie ta bujhlen ki kore ? , adeo ki movie ta dekhechen na emnei emnei chole esechen movie er review korte just for the sake of reviewing , r jodi sotti sotti subtitles diye dekhe thaken tahole bolte toh parten je kothay subtitles diye dekhlen movie ta , karon zee5 a subtitles nei , subtitles kothay pelen?

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