Modern Perl Best Practices

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Modern Perl Best Practices: 50 Tips for Writing More Efficient, Robust, and Maintainable Perl Code

A decade after Perl Best Practices was published, tens of thousands of Perl developers continue to read, debate, and adopt most of the recommendations in the book. But, rather than deliver a fixed and eternal set of rules, author Damian Conway wanted to stimulate a mindset of continual re-evaluation of all Perl coding techniques and tools.

In this in-depth video course, Dr. Conway revisits and re-evaluates the rules, suggestions, and advice given in Perl Best Practices, drawing on his ten extra years of experience as a developer and educator. You’ll learn a new and improved set of 50 core guidelines to make your best-practice Perl code even better.

Through numreous examples, you’ll explore nine major topics:
– Philosophy
– Layout
– Naming
– Values and Variables
– Control Structures
– Built-in Functions
– Subroutines
– I/O
– Error Handling

A prominent contributor to the Perl community, Damian Conway is an internationally renowned speaker, author, and trainer.

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