Learning Functional Programming with JavaScript – Anjana Vakil – JSUnconf

Anjana’s next talk at JSConf EU in May: http://2017.jsconf.eu/speakers/anjana-vakil-immutable-data-structures-for-functional-js.html

Slides: https://slidr.io/vakila/learning-functional-programming-with-javascript

25 thoughts on “Learning Functional Programming with JavaScript – Anjana Vakil – JSUnconf

  1. So is imports "not pure" or are they supposed to be done inside the function too (if so nothing is pure 😅)
    I also heard Vanilla JavaScript 🙂
    Congrads on getting this good at js in just 6 months.
    Doesn't know anything about non-blocking and concurrency but still mentions promises xD

  2. Also, doesn't having functions in functions as a focus for your programming style make it more likely you'll have a slow program? Anyone know what I mean? The big O notation and stuff? Like when loops go on loops too. A function² is a slower program than a function followed by one more function. (Also same thing with loops, as I said).

  3. Is this about learning JS more smoothly via a functional way of looking at it, or is it saying functional style of programming is actually preferable to OOP?? OOP is supposed to be best for modern web dev of course.

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