Javascript vs Python THROWDOWN – Which should YOU use? (2020)

There are so many programming languages out there that it can be overwhelming to know which is right for your project. Picking the right language is crucial for getting the best performance in the least amount of time. In today’s video, we’ll compare and contrast the two most popular languages, Python and JavaScript, and explain which situations best align with each.

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49 thoughts on “Javascript vs Python THROWDOWN – Which should YOU use? (2020)

  1. This is video is misleading, a lot of information is wrong, and there are no real comparison between the two languages. It only seems to be a promotional video for "Kite".

  2. Hey this video has a lot of wrong information about JS and I found it biased. Hopefully if your are reading this, you can find other comparison articles on net or videos on the platform. Please do NOT judge any language on basis of this misleading video

  3. I don't know anything about js but I know python has alot of modules and online libraries you can install and easy to code and easy syntax and I think people will use it more often next years and would recommend it to every new programmer ( maybe I liked it because it's similar to java which I kind of mastered it to data structures and algorithms )

  4. Yep, same as other folks in the comments.
    Basically you are comparing oranges and apples. You are talking about javascript only as a client side language, and comparing it with a server side language. That just makes no sense.
    A more useful comparison would be Python and Node.js, which is, in a nutshell, server side javascript.

  5. Seeing innerHTML i can tell he doesn't have much experience in Javascript.
    You use innerText or textContent.

    Wrong, you can use nodeJS that is able to write files. fs.writeFile()

  6. It's easy to lie. It's hard work refuting lies.

    With that in mind, I started writing a long diatribe about everything wrong with the information presented in this video, and just gave up because I have better things to do with my life. In its place, I offer the weary youtube traveller — who most likely stumbled across this comment by happenstance — one solitary piece of wisdom: This video is a complete and utter nonsense. You should put it out of your mind for fear of being made stupid by watching it.

  7. Would suggest taking the vid down, or added a response video with a link in the description. I'm not a js/full-stack/node.js dev and I had to stop watching due to errors/oversights.

  8. For future viewers of this video, it's not really accurate. In truth there is no significant difference in what you can do with either language. Python and JavaScript are both interpreted via other programs, python.exe or it's equivalent, node.exe, on windows. These programs contain the runtime and can work with other libraries in addition to the runtime to provide file i/o. The only real difference would be the syntax. Some of the most popular applications (discord, vscode, many) use JavaScript with electron which goes even further and allows you to create desktop applications in JavaScript (either can also use windowing frameworks to do the same). Functionality wise and library wise they are virtually indistinguishable as of 2020, even for AI they are at near parity in capabilities at this point.

  9. AJAX is not a library! It stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML! The language specification for ES5, ES6 (JavaScript) includes these concepts as CORE to the language, so it is part of the language!

  10. Javascript can't write to a file??? WRONG!!!!!
    fs = require('fs');
    fs.writeFile('writetofile.txt', 'Writing to a file', function (err) {

    if (err) return console.log(err);

    console.log('just wrote to a file');


  11. For anyone trying to learn Python, you should check a Brazilian teacher called Gustavo Guanabara. His videos are in Portuguese but there’s subtitles. It’s the most amazing thing! Easy to learn, and fun! Check it out: curso em vídeo.

  12. For your info: you can do the same thing in Javascript with only one line of code. Create a blank javascript file, copy and paste in the following code and run it (node yourjavascriptfile) (must have nodeJs installed on your system, the same way you must have python installed on your system). The following code does the same thing: require('fs').createWriteStream('test_file.txt', 'utf-8').write('Hello'). You do not need AJAX or a library or a framework or a server or some kind of hack. It's just that plain simple.

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