JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course in 8 Hours [2020]

Here is the best free javascript programming course on the planet. Made with lots of ❤️. Take your web development skills to the next level with this Clever Programmer Learn Javascript course for beginners.

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This course will help you learn web development in 2020 and beyond. Mastering these technical skills is vital to your career as a software developer. Whether you want to get a full-time job or become a freelance developer. Or whether you want to become a full-stack or front-end developer… You HAVE to master Javascript.


3:57 – How to run your first Program with Javascript
7:17 – Manipulate the DOM
15:49 – Numbers in Javascript
22:18 – Functions in Javascript
33:31 – While vs. For Loops in Javascript
39:10 – Data Types in Javascript
43:26 – Strings (Common Methods)
52:07 – Javascript in Arrays
1:11:07 – Objects in Javascript
1:18:18 – If else conditionals and switch statements
1:31:07 – Learn JSON in 5 minutes
1:36:41 – Challenge: Your age in days
2:10:07 – Challenge: Cat Generator
2:42:19 – Challenge: Rock Paper Scissors
2:58:28 – Challenge: Rock Paper Scissors PT. 2
3:57:46 – Challenge: Change Button Colors
4:39:48 – How Blackjack Works
4:45:23 – Blackjack HTML
5:05:14 – CSS Blackjack
5:28:47 – Challenge: Build a Blackjack Game with Javascript
6:06:58 – Blackjack PT. 2
6:35:42 – Blackjack PT. 3
7:03:29 – Blackjack PT. 4
7:22:08 – Blackjack PT. 5
7:39:19 – Blackjack PT. 6
7:47:56 – Blackjack PT 7

Blackjack Project Assets:

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47 thoughts on “JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course in 8 Hours [2020]

  1. Cannot read property 'scissor' of undefined
    at decideWinner (1 js project.js:53)
    at rpsGame (1 js project.js:30)
    at HTMLImageElement.onclick (1 JS project.html:36)
    decideWinner @ 1 js project.js:53
    rpsGame @ 1 js project.js:30
    onclick @ 1 JS project.html:36
    i have this error

    You can make shorter version like this:
    switch(6) {

    case 0:case 5:case 6:

    text = 'weekend';



    text = 'weekday';


  3. Wow , just incredible. Followed the whole tutorial, not sure if copy the code from the video would learn me anything. But the little errors and typo’s caused me to debug and find them and that actually learned me allot. Than after I finished the Blackjack, I wanted to add some features, like automatic deal cards from the start, better ace score counting and a full deck of cards. First I though it would be very difficult, but I managed to code it all in an afternoon, using the knowledge I learned from this video…. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  4. The activePlayer part confuses me a little because I did not see it defined nor did I define it. when attempting to update and show my score, the logic shows in my console but on the BJ interface, I get YOU:[object, object] and DEALER: [object, object]

  5. can anyone help me in the black jack game the q card is showing but there is no space between the cards and if im clicking the button for 8 to 10 times the images are going beyond the container occupying entire screen ,i checked everything but not able to find wer is the error

  6. ok right in the begining this code:
    document.getElementById('theTag').textContent = age;
    makes my browse scream:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'textContent' of null

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