Javascript Fundamentals

Javascript Fundamentals
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Intro 00:00
Info 02:23
Goals 04:57
Structure 06:40
Dev Environment 08:56
Vs Code And Chrome 09:56
Extensions 13:22
Emmet 24:57
Basics Intro 28:24
Setup Project 28:41
Inline Javascript 31:51
Internal Javascript 35:07
External Javascript 42:59
Cleanup Workspace 53:01
Helper Methods 54:10
Statments And Comments 1:04:17
Variables 1:16:20
Assign Value Later 1:25:08
Variable Naming Rules 1:29:31
Const, Let, Var 1:35:36
Quatation Marks 1:40:51
String Concatenation 1:46:43
Number Basics 1:52:08
Numbers – Additional Features 2:00:29
Implicit Type Conversion 2:08:53
Data Types 2:20:54
Arrays 2:29:08
Functions – Declare, Invoke 2:40:23
Functions – Parameters, Arguments 2:46:50
Functions – Return 2:59:47
Functions – Expressions 3:13:09
Objects 3:20:53
Conditional Statements – Basics 3:29:17
Conditional Statements Continued 3:35:15
Equality 3:42:18
Logical Operators 3:46:43
Switch Statement 3:51:08
While Loops 3:58:36
Do While Loops 4:04:32
For Loop 4:07:30
Connect The Dots 4:11:34
String Properties And Methods 4:11:58
Template Literals 4:28:33
Array Properties And Methods 4:34:43
Exercise – Full Name 4:46:34
Exercise – Calculate Total 4:56:48
Value Vs Reference 5:11:29
Null And Undefined 5:17:21
Truthy And Falsy 5:19:36
Ternary Operator 5:24:11
Global Scope 5:28:27
Local Scope 5:35:53
Variable Lookup 5:42:55
Callback Functions, Higher Order Functions 5:49:47
Array Iterators 6:04:54
For Each 6:07:16
Map 6:17:00
Filter 6:27:43
Find 6:31:38
Reduce 6:40:08
Math Object 6:49:56
Date Object 6:58:29
Dom Intro 7:07:47
DOM – General Concepts 7:10:26
Window And Document Overview 7:19:06
GetElementById 7:23:21
Get Elements By Tag Name 7:30:13
Get Elements By Class Name 7:38:45
QuerySelector And QuerySelectorAll 7:41:19
Navigate The Dom – Children 7:48:05
Navigate The Dom – Parent Element 7:53:00
Navigate The Dom – NextSibling, PrevSibling 7:56:07
Navigate The Dom – Next/Prev Element Sibling 8:00:36
TextContent And NodeValue 8:01:52
GetAttribute(), SetAttribute() 8:04:50
ClassList And ClassName 8:13:00
CreateElement 8:22:29
InsertBefore 8:30:39
ReplaceChild 8:34:23
Prepend InnerText 8:36:47
Remove And RemoveChild 8:39:57
InnerHTML And TextContent 8:44:50
Change CSS With Style Property 8:53:15
Events Overview 8:58:23
Click Event 9:00:13
Function Reference 9:07:37
Mouse Events 9:12:29
Key Events 9:17:47
Event Object 9:22:01
CurrentTarget Vs Target 9:32:50
Event Bubbling Capturing 9:40:24
Event Propogation Example 9:51:04
Form Submit 9:58:32
Local Storage 10:04:24
Local Storage With Multiple Values 10:13:46

21 thoughts on “Javascript Fundamentals

  1. I did not get a background color of blue when doing the button at 9:27 . When I placed .btn above .blue, it did turn blue. Did you change the order of the classes in your style tags from the previous sections? EDIT: NVM. You show it later and blue is below btn.

  2. I finished the course today, and I am glad to say that getting all this knowledge even though I studied a long time ago, it helped me get back to where I wanted to be in terms of Front-end Development. Thank you for all the help John!

  3. I have a question on console, when I open a chrome tab and try to see what I write in console.log, it says "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)", can anyone tell me why?

  4. This is the second best £19.99 I have ever spent, (if your wondering, the best £19.99 I ever spent was the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 1 fight) but anyways, I'm absolutely loving this Javascript course and I am actually remembering things for a change.

    I love how short the fundamental videos are but soo informative. Thank you for making these courses, this one in particular is absolutely spot on (although I have still got a long way to go in the course) but so far, I feel alot, and I mean alot, more comfortable with Javascript. I can't wait to get onto the projects.

    Massive thank you.

  5. Hmmm, watching this video to learn to code in order to become a developer who earns good money… suddenly John gives around 6:40:00 the developer a 200$ salary, while the designer gets a salary of 300$ … I had to pause the video for a couple of minutes to process that new data… and returned an "unexpected error" since I would have expected it to be the other way around.

  6. I'm only one hour and a half in but i'm loving this course so far! your html and css courses helped me a lot too! fr you're the only teacher i've found on yt whose tutorials are truly aimed at beginners, taking special care to explain every single detail. thanks a lot!💕

  7. If I had a professor like you on my college days I would probably get excited going to school. 😂 I can't stop watching your awesome tutorials. The best! 👍

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