JavaScript Crash Course For Beginners

In this crash course we will go over the fundamentals of JavaScript including more modern syntax like classes, arrow functions, etc. This is the starting point on my channel for learning JS.

Code including html/css:

21 Hour JavaScript Course:

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33 thoughts on “JavaScript Crash Course For Beginners

    Script Tags – 6:46
    Console Output – 8:20
    Variables – 11:15
    Data Types – 14:18
    Strings & String Methods – 18:38
    Arrays – 23:53
    Object Literals – 30:09
    Arrays Of Objects & JSON – 34:20
    Loops – 37:40
    High Order Array Methods – 42:24
    Conditionals – 46:30
    Functions – 53:23
    Arrow Functions – 56:22
    Constructor Functions & Prototypes – 59:25
    ES6 Classes – 1:07:21
    Window Object & DOM – 1:10:30
    DOM Selection – 1:14:50
    Manipulating The DOM – 1:20:05
    Events – 1:24:40
    Form Script – 1:30:39

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  3. "You want your Javascript at the bottom" – this is a bit outdated – script tags now support the "defer" keyword, meaning the script will load after the full document rendered. Use this and put your script in the head for all JS scripts that are not needed for creating the page in the first place.

  4. here are the comparison operators
    == Is equal to

    != Is not equal to

    === Is identical to (equal to and of the same data type)

    !== Is not identical to

    > Is greater than

    >= Is greater than or equal to

    < Is less than

    <= Is less than or equal to

  5. Please! 🀝 Help I don't understand I really need help I watched the video but still don't understand none somebody help me! :((

  6. Thanks much for the content! can we get any discount on Udemy for the β€œModern JS from the beginning? it is 169.99 plus tax … thanks…actually is 90% discount!! 16.99 wow

  7. In your video today you said that a raise are zero-based in every language. Beg to differ. I spend most of my time in coldfusion where the first value in an array is referred to by the number one.

    Thanks for your very informative videos.

  8. Hey Brad, I am looking at buying the udemy course, the notes suggest that we will set up VS Code as a tex editor, I am more familiar with Atom, am I okay to use Atom to work on this course or would you suggest that I use VS Code?

  9. 19:36 : Concatenation

    32:45 : Destructuring

    35:55 : JSON

    41:30 : Loop through array

    42:20 : High order array methods (eg. forEach loop etc.)

    47:10 : Triple equals

    51:22 : Ternary operator

    52:48 : Switches

    54:22 : Functions

    56:20 : Arrow functions

    59:23 : OOP

    59:30 : User defined objects using Constructive functions

    1:02:09 : Dates

    1:03:14 : Methods for user defined data objects

    1:05:00 : Prototypes
    1:07:14 : Classes
    1:10:30 : DOM
    1:12:37 : DOM Selection
    1:20:05 : Manipulating the DOM
    1:24:36 : Events
    1:30:07 : Other types of events
    1:30:39 : Form Script

  10. Thank you for your content, sir.
    I've been sifting through tons of JS content on YouTube and yours is the first that feels like things are actually EXPLAINED to any extent.
    I'm to the point where I wouldn't be able to learn anything from most other crash courses, but you actually go into enough detail and depth that I'm watching yours all the way through and learning how things actually work. Thank you.

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